Editorial: Sony Lost Its Goddamn Mind
Sony PS5

Sony Chief Executive Kenichiro Yoshida was recently quoted by the Wall Street Journal calling the PlayStation “a niche product, aimed at serious players”. Serious players, according to Sony, are those “devoted fans who buy big-budget titles”. Additionally, according to the Wall Street Journal, a second Sony official said the company believes people buy a video game console to play graphics-heavy games. Wow, this is so God damn absurd. Did Sony just join the PC Master Race? Actual hardcore gamers care far more about good game play and story than they do about pretty graphics.

Sony has also gone out of its way to snub smaller developers. First they ended its long standing support and showcase of smaller independent developers at the Tokyo Game Show. They then went to say gamers want “high-quality games available only on that platform, not smaller games also available on smartphones”. The ignorance of this comment is fucking unbelievable from a company built upon niche games. A company that was the place to play titles that other consoles wouldn’t even touch. This was also touched upon by YouTuber Vara Dark.

The Wall Street Journal also claimed the second Sony official said “he expected smaller games would still be released for the PlayStation, even without extensive Sony support, because the popularity of PlayStation makes the platform hard for smaller game developers to ignore”. This shows a level of arrogance by Sony that is reminiscent of console makers like Atari, Sega, and Phillips. Three companies no longer making consoles.

Sony was once the place for adult gamers who grew up with Nintendo and Sega to play the kind of games they couldn’t get on those systems. From Suikoden to Disgaea to Romance of the Three Kingdoms there were always unique games available only on a Playstation system.  When Nintendo was positioning itself as a family friendly console, Sony was letting adults enjoy adult themed games. Despite this reputation Sony decided to pull a 180 degree turn. Sony has now decided to extend a giant middle finger to all those gamers who made them billions of dollars.

If Sony wants to censor games they will lose customers. Should Sony focus only on big blockbuster AAA games they will lose customers. Big companies who are already pissing off their customers with shitty practices. If Sony wants to treat small developers like shit then they will lose customers. Sony has until the 2020 launch of the PS5 to figure out one simple fact: If Sony doesn’t stop acting like SJW cunt bags they will be out of business. Sony will become another dead console. Additionally, they will become a cautionary tale for future console makers.


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