FIFA 20 Volta Mode Lets You Make Male Or Female Characters

During the EA Play event this past weekend on June 8th, 2019 the Electronic Arts team working on FIFA 20 revealed that the game will featured mixed gender gameplay via the new Volta Football mode.

During the presentation gamers were given a near 20 minute gameplay overview of the Volta mode where players are able to create their own “diverse” character with their own unique look, ranging from a number of different outfits based on street apparel oftentimes found in Volta football matches.

You can check out the full 20 minute presentation for the FIFA 20 Volta mode below, courtesy of Gamespot.

The mode isn’t revolutionary but it does bring the street soccer experience to FIFA 20 with some admittedly neat features, such as being able to manually engage with the overhauled one-on-one ball control mechanics.

The EA Sports team completely revamped the way one-vs-one encounters work because they wanted to encourage players to be able to go head-to-head against opponents with dynamic showdowns much like in real-life. To help make this work they scaled back player-side AI to reduce their engagement with the AI opponent that players are engaging. This is supposed to create a more entertaining showdown and force players to showcase their skills during those one-vs-one moments.

To also help make the Volta experience feel a lot more like street football they implemented the ability to make use of the environment and surrounding walls. So you can pop the ball up overhead or use the wall to ricochet it around opponents.

Unfortunately they didn’t really show any unedited footage of how this feature worked, and instead relied on a lot of flashy and over-edited sequences to pitch the mode to digital football players.

Another feature that they revealed is that gamers will be able to mix and match options, allowing for all female, all male, or male and female mixed gender gameplay. And yes, there are only two genders, as nature intended.

They didn’t say if there would be any disadvantages carried over to the females, or if they would modified the stats to keep them equal. They did note that in addition to playing with your own created characters you’ll also be able to play as any of the licensed players, teams, clubs, and franchises featured in FIFA 20.

For some odd reason they didn’t talk more about the rest of the gameplay but instead announced that the career mode, multiplayer and other features will be announced via scattered reveals leading up to the September 27th, 2019 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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