Ford Vs Ferrari Trailer Pays Homage To The Heritage Of American Sports Car Engineering
Ford Vs Ferrari

Hollywood is mostly out of ideas; scrambling to recycle movies barely a decade old. They’re an old house filled with the half-cocked ideas of pederasts who can’t formulate a coherent, creative narrative due to the degenerate nature of their coke-filled mind. However, every once in a while an interesting movie crops up like a rose poking through a thicket of thorny, cocaine-encrusted weeds. James Mangold’s Ford Vs Ferrari looks like it could be one of those roses.

The film is based loosely on the true story of Ford wanting to prove that it could hang with Italians when it came to speed and class. It follows Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon, and race car driver Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale.

Ford vs Ferrari sees Henry Ford II giving Shelby the go ahead to spend what he needs and bring in whoever he can to race the Ford GT to victory at the Le Mans in order to finally defeat Ferrari. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Rapid Trailer.

The film looks like a typical feel-good American film about the ingenuity of an American engineer and a British race car driver doing what they do best.

The trailer is cut together quite well. We see the ups and downs of trying to get the partnership formed between Shelby and Miles, as well as Shelby’s job in bringing together a team to build a car fast enough to keep up with the Ferrari in just 90 days, and the eventual race where the duo will put their hard work to the test.

There are some frills, thrills, and dynamic car crashes, a few fires, and one dynamic explosion.

It looks like a worthwhile film if I must say so myself. There doesn’t appear to be any diversity or inclusivity propaganda circulating the film, but I’m sure 20th Century Fox attempted to find someway to push their agenda into Mangold’s film.

However, according to Fox News Henry Ford II’s son, Edsel Ford, wasn’t too thrilled with the casting of Tracey Letts as his dad.

Most assumed it was the ending segment of the trailer where they made Henry Ford II cry after Shelby took him through a short run in the Ford GT.

Maybe there’s more to the scene than that? But obviously it was meant to be played for laughs. Given that it seems light (or non-existent) on the SJW propaganda, and looks like a right-proper film for people who enjoy racing and car culture, I’m thinking this is one to keep an eye on when it drops into theaters on November 15th.


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