Gay Nation Chapter 3 Releases On Patreon After Being Banned From Steam

Gay Nation

Back in mid 2018 one developer among the throng decided to stand up and challenge Valve on their inconsistent banning policies of games. This was just before the company instituted the adult filters for Steam. The name of that developer was Dank Boi Games. His challenge of Valve’s status quo netted him and his games a permanent ban from the Steam storefront. However, this didn’t stop Dank Boi from releasing his project Gay Nation for the general public, nor did it stop him from creating additional chapters for the visual novel, the latest of which is available right now exclusively on Patreon.

You can currently purchase the third chapter by visiting the Dank Boi Games Patreon page.

Access to the chapters are broken down via tiers. The original chapter was made available for free last year back when Valve first banned Dank Boi from Steam. It was done as a show of protest. However, Chapter 2 for Gay Nation can be accessed for the “Not Gay” price of just $1.

Chapter 3 is available through the Patreon price of being “Almost Gay” for just $2.

You’ll gain access to both Gay Nation and Big Penis Hunter 2018 for the “Very Gay” price of $4.

And you’ll have access to all of the aforementioned content, along with early access privileges for future projects for the “Super Gay” price of $10.

Gay Nation was one of the first games to make the Waifu Holocaust banned list as Valve was instituting the new adult filters, but it wasn’t because of lewd content or adult material, it was because product release manager Jason Ruymen didn’t like that Dank Boi questioned Valve on their consistent policies, allowing games like Ladykiller In A Bind onto Steam uncensored while banning other titles.

It was obvious that Ruymen’s ban of Gay Nation had nothing to do with the content of the game itself, but because Dank Boi dared question Valve on their ideologically-driven bans.

As for the satirical visual novel… it sees players taking on the role of an elite soldier tasked with hunting down the last heterosexuals in America after a gay bomb turns everyone gay, and heteros are outlawed. However, the story takes a twist when the hero begins developing feelings for a mysterious female he encounters, and begins to question his allegiance to the Gaystapo.

In addition to acquiring Chapter 3 of Gay Nation from Patreon, you can also pick up the original release from over on Newgrounds, GameJolt, or

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