God Of War Creator David Jaffe’s Backtrack On Kratos Being Bisexual Creates Massive Triggering [Update]
Gay Kratos

[Update:] According to a tweet from David Jaffe, he never actually “backtracked” per se, but it was apparently part of a multi-tiered joke that a lot of people just didn’t get. He posted a comment on The Amazing Lucas’ YouTube page and also shared a screenshot of the comment on Twitter explaining what he was intending to do.

You can read Jaffe’s full message to The Amazing Lucas in the quote below…

“Lucas, I hope you are well. I watched your video and wanted to make a correction: while you have a right to your interpretation of what went down with yesterday’s tweets, I assure you my follow up clarification response was not backtracking. It was actually part of the joke. And there’s proof to that end.


The second tweet was not backtracking but was the other shoe dropping. It was where I tried to make it clear that those folks upset at discovering Kratos was bi were the folks I was actually taking the piss out of. NOTE: For clarification, I still think those upset that Kratos is bi BECAUSE they have issues with gay folks can fuck right off. But I DO get, appreciate, and even kind of agree with folks upset BECAUSE they feel a retcon character change like that out of nowhere is not desired; I think that’s a valid reason to not like what I originally tweeted and I respect (and mostly agree) with that. But the homophobes? They were the target of the joke- poorly executed as it was- and I still say they can fuck off.


But to reiterate, it wasn’t a back track. It was part 2/tweet 2 of the joke. If you’d like proof, you can actually go into the time line of when I first posted the koke and compare it to my TWEET TO tweets where about 1 min after the original tweet a follower told me I was posting the ‘gotcha!’ part of the joke too soon and he felt I should let it breath. I told him it was a good idea and so I deleted the part 2 and let th ejoke (such as it was) breath for about 15 min and THEN I dropped the other shoe (i.e. longer to let the joke spread and get more homophobes looking like the idiots they are).


TL;DR: there was no back track, there’s time stamp proof there was no back track. And why would I ever backtrack on something like this? Do you think I would give two shits if homophobes are upset about creative decisions I make? Years ago I told racist fucks who didn’t want rap music in Twisted Metal 2012 to fuck off (you can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=3-NEuzTbEqM) and that I didn’t want their money; same thing applies here: if you are racist or xenophobic or homophobic, don’t buy the stuff I work on; save that money and get yourself some therapy and join the rest of us in 2019.”

[Original article:] Original God of War creator David Jaffe tried to retroactively gay up Kratos, but fans weren’t having it. It started with a tweet, escalated into a retcon, and ended up with a backtrack that was pulled out faster than hay bales from a barn by a fleet of tractors fitted with custom Honda GX690 engines.

OBlackThunderO originally made a tweet back on June 3rd, 2019 for Pride month, outfitting Kratos from God of War in a tacky getup with a “We Are All Human” t-shirt on.

The tweet garnered more than 7 thousand likes, and God of War creator David Jaffe decided to leech onto the discussion by attempting to retcon Kratos’ sexuality. Jaffe was partially successful, gaining more than 14 thousands likes from the people who eat, breathe, and poop identity politics on Twitter.

A bunch of SJWs were happy that Kratos was made bi, all so that they could trigger gamers.

Cory Barlog, the creative director for the latest God of War game, also gave Jaffe a thumbs up. But not every fan was happy about the designers reducing the game’s lead to nothing more than gay-bait.

Majority of the responses were all in favor of Kratos being gay, as it would mean that the Rainbow Reich would claim another character to throw in the face of normal gamers as an attempt to further subvert the entertainment medium.

However, after the tweet blew up and plenty of people began calling out Jaffe for the sexual orientation retcon, he eventually decided to play dumb and claim that the whole thing was just a joke, and that he was trolling the same people who literally define every aspect of their life based on who they have sex with.

Across a string of disconnected tweets, Jaffe took back the claim about Kratos being bisexual, and apologized to the people who claimed to be offended that Kratos was no longer bisexual.

This did not go down well with the Queer Commissars.

They lashed out at Jaffe for what they called “queer baiting” and pelted his mentions with the exact sort of anger and hostility that you’ll find on the Straight Pride Parade hashtag.

If the salt from those tweets could be turned into a dish, it would be filled with so much sodium that it would give you heart disease.

Anti-SJWs took the troll as a sign that Jaffe had truly left behind all the cancerous elements of propping up identity politics in favor of being an ally for common sense, but Jaffe quickly shot down that notion, claiming that he was not an anti-SJW guy, and was an anti-”your guy”.

The whole thing is a facepalm-worthy affair.

So to recap: Jaffe garnered lots of recognition and thousands of retweets for attempting to strip Kratos of his masculinity, and then backtracked all to the chagrin of the LGBTQIA+ crowd, and then tried to clean up his profile by saying he wasn’t joining the anti-SJW side.

YouTuber The Amazing Lucas took the piss out of Jaffe for trying to play both sides and failing miserably at coming out on top on either side of the Culture War.

So for now Kratos is still straight. But given how Cory Barlog seemed to support the idea of Kratos of being gay, don’t be surprised if in the next God of War they have Kratos locking lips with some BioWare-approved diversity hire who was some long lost lover from his distant past.

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