Google Discrimination Lawsuit Moves Forward Into Discovery Phase

James Damore

Google was accused of discriminating against whites, Asian males, and Conservatives by former Google employee James Damore. The former Google engineer moved forward with a lawsuit back in early 2018, and even provided tons of evidence of SJWs working at the Silicon Valley tech giant who were openly hostile to Conservatives and didn’t mind making it known. Well, after Google’s lawyers tried desperately to get the case dismissed, the judge denied their requests and decided to allow the lawsuit to move forward into the discovery phase, which should prove very interesting.

According to The Gateway Pundit, lawyer representing the plaintiffs took to Twitter to inform the denizens of the social media platform that the next step in the case is to move into discovery, even though Damore is no longer part of the case due to arbitration.

An anti-SJW lawyer who values the freedom of speech? Mm, mm, mm. That’s my kind of woman.

The Dhillon Law Group issued a press release revealing that they’ll have access to Google’s internal documents in order to look over evidence pointing to hiring discrimination.

This isn’t even a matter of if there are e-mails related to this, but whether or not they’ll be able to sift through all of the data to find the relevant e-mails and documents. There was already a memo leak from back in April of 2019 revealing that various Conservative websites were on a “problematic” list that targeted those sites by shadow banning them from the index. In combination with the evidence Damore already provided of SJWs being hostile toward Conservative views, it’s almost an instant shoo-in that there will be documents revealing discriminatory hiring practices.

Damore and Dhillon have been making the rounds since 2018 explaining why class-action suit is moving forward and how it even came to be, which was briefly discussed in a short segment on the Laura Ingraham show back on February 23rd, 2018.

One also has to wonder if the discovery phase could also play a pretty big part in fast-tracking the anti-trust suit against the company as well? Since any revelations of anti-competitive behavior or ideologically driven suppression would surely work against Google if it were ever made public. To combat this possibility expect Google to enact a lot redaction in the documents that surface during discovery.

Heck, it’s not hard to find comments from CEO Sundar Pichai and Susan Wojcicki openly stating that Damore was fired due to their ideological belief that they had to build a “safe” environment for people they consider to be “diverse”, as evident in an MSNBC piece published on January 29th, 2018.

They’re literally admitting that Damore was fired due to his beliefs not aligning with theirs.

Dhillon, however, is focused more on the employment practices of Google, mentioning in the press release…

“This ruling is a significant step forward for all California workers, and sends notice to Silicon Valley that discrimination of any kind will not be escape legal scrutiny. It is illegal in California to discriminate against an employee for his or her legally protected characteristics, and we are excited to move forward with discovery into Google’s challenged employment practices that our clients allege discriminate on the basis of political orientation, race, and gender.”

We’ll see how this all turns out as the attorneys get their hands on Google’s internal documents and begin to sift through them for the evidence they need to move forward with the lawsuit.

Again, given how brazen many of the Left-wing employees were during the chats, group discussions, and images that Damore shared from back in early 2018, there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be plenty of evidence to nail Google for discrimination… unless the company goes through and begins deleting all the evidence, which is highly likely.

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