Google Manipulates Search Results, Censors GNews Stories, According To Project Veritas Report

A new half-hour video report and accompanying news story from Project Veritas has revealed that Google is manipulating search results and GNews listings.

The video was published on June 24th, 2019 featuring hidden camera footage of Google employees admitting to manipulating the search results in order to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected, as well as tweaking the AI that powers the search algorithm to focus on Google’s depiction of “fairness”.

There’s a backup of the video uploaded over to in case YouTube deletes or removes the video, which is what happened when YouTube censored Tim Pool’s video reporting on Pinterest censoring Conservatives.

In one of the documents that the whistleblower unveiled, it explained how the real truth may be “algorithmic unfairness”, with the section reading…

“For example, imagine that a Google image query for “CEOs” show predominantly men… even if it were a factually accurate representation of the world, it would be algorithmic unfairness.”

A good example of this is that if you search up “Lesbians decapitate 9-year-old”, One Angry Gamer’s article about the heinous crime is censored from the results and from GNews, as depicted in the search archive.

However, if you go to Bing or DuckDuckGo, the One Angry Gamer article appears as the first results for “Lesbians decapitate 9-year-old”. In Google’s case, even direct headline searches are filtered for some topics.

Many people have also noticed this when searching up topics or images like “white couples” or “white familes” or “white babies”, and you end up with mixed couples, interracial couples, and lots of pictures of black families in the results, as depicted in the image gallery below.


Now sometimes the results are not manipulated. In the video it’s later revealed that if the “truth” aligns with what Google feels is okay for the general public to see, then they will allow the results to stay in place. The document states…

“In some cases it may be appropriate to take no action if the system accurately affects currently reality, while in other cases it may be desirable to consider how we might help society reach a more and equitable state via product intervention.”

This was corroborated by Jen Gennai, the head of responsible innovation at Google, who admitted on camera that in order to combat views that don’t align with the far-Left’s agenda must be filtered out.

Gennai admits that Google is essentially running a global social engineering program through AI manipulation and algorithm information control.

The leaker also told Project Veritas that sometimes staff will manually go in to change the results, explaining…

“The way it works is that they’re training the AI now with a bunch of humans that consider themselves Social Justice Warriors, or whatever you want to label them, but they are feeding the information and training the AI so that it will return results [that are manipulated].


“And when they aren’t to train it, there is actually someone that will go through and manually delete certain keyword terms, or put it as a blacklist. There’s a lot of people filing bugs internally to Google against these invalid results, but they’ve got no interest in fixing things that go against their Social Justice narrative or reduce what they consider to be fair.”

This news isn’t new. We reported back in April of 2019 about the leaked memo that revealed Google has a list of “problematic” websites that receive purposeful suppression. This list is very real and One Angry Gamer is on that list, which is why if you search up content on Google a lot of it does not appear. More than half of our content has been de-indexed from Google as revealed in the webmaster tools.

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We were first added to the list last year in August of 2018, where the search results were filtered after publishing news about the misreporting of the Jessica Price firing by Buzzfeed, Kotaku and other outlets.

There’s even an image corroborating what we reported on last year, indicating that Google does indeed manipulate news through “editorial guidelines”, where they filter out stories they don’t want you to see in the news feed.

This is called shadow-banning.

Sites like and Blockmanity were two recent cases of Google’s outward shadow-banning tactics, which were applied in early June of 2019.

There are simple ways to test shadow-bans in GNews, simply go to the search and type in the name of the website, if the search returns don’t show results explicitly from that website’s URL but instead mostly shows results from other websites, then it means that site is shadow-banned. For example, if you type in “Blockmanity” into the GNews search, majority of the news comes from other websites, as indicated in the search archive.

The only way to see results from “Blockmanity” is to type in “” into GNews or change the search settings to sort the news by date, at which point the algorithm will explicitly show results from Blockmanity, as revealed in the search achive with the results filtered by date.

Now people like Tim Pool are saying that he hasn’t specifically seen any negative impacts on his channel regarding the recommendations, but does note that others have mentioned to him that what was mentioned in the Project Veritas video about Google’s biases is true.

What Pool doesn’t take into consideration is that what if he is being suppressed but due to the amount of traction and awareness he receives from community support it overrides that suppression? Another thing to consider is that Google could be applying suppression/censorship/manipulation to his channel based on topical matter and not necessarily every video on his channel. The only way to know for sure is if he had the actual data from Google, but unfortunately the people willing to share that data don’t have that data.

The leaker didn’t really go into detail what sort of tools Google was using to target Pool, but only mentioned that during a meeting at a Masonic temple back in May the company revealed that they would be introducing more “content filtering”. This is before Vox’s Carlos Maza complained about Steven Crowder saying mean things to him, and initiated the VoxAdpocalypse. There were conspiracies about YouTube wanting to demonetize people like Crowder and shut down channels they deemed “problematic” well before Maza made his complaints, and that seems to be true according to what the whistleblower told Project Veritas.

In short, this means that Google is not a platform, it is a publisher. They are picking and choosing what people are allowed to see, even when they search for it directly. They are purposefully censoring, removing, and suppressing content, news outlets, and information sources that don’t align with their ideological views, and their employees even admitted to manipulating these results for their own twisted view of the greater good.

Senator Josh Hawley proposed a bill recently that would remove the protections that companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Stating that immunity from liability would be absolved for those tech companies who would no longer operate their service platforms with political neutrality.

With this proof it basically means that Google would absolutely run afoul of this bill right out of the gate. You can learn more about it or contact Hawley directly by visiting the official Josh Hawley website.

As for Google… they’re already knee deep in their agenda and will likely continue to suppress and censor content that goes against their internal ideology.

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