Ideology In Friction Launches On Steam; Uncensored R18+ Patch Available Off-Site
Ideology in Friction

A brand new adult-themed RPG from OneOne1 and Kagura Games has launched on Steam called Ideology In Friction. The English release of the game is duly censored to meet Valve’s inconsistent and oftentimes fickle standards, but the community was quick to provide links to the game’s uncensored R18+ patch.

The game launched on the Steam store for $24.99. However, during the first week of being on sale you can get it for 30% off the normal price for only $17.49.

If you want to get your hands on the uncensored R18+ patch, however, you’ll need to download it from the Kagura Games website.

If you have the Chinese version of Ideology In Friction, you can get your hands on the R18+ uncensored patch for the RPG by downloading it from the Google Drive or from

Once you download the patch, run the installation wizard. Point to the directory where you have the game installed, and once it’s finished then boot up the game and have fun.

The game features two main characters, one a knight and the other an elf. Ideology of Friction could almost best be described as a RPG visual novel, since as the knight you’ll spend a lot of time battling against enemies in one-on-one fights.

The turn-based combat is also interlaced with some animated hand-drawn sequences that gives the game an anime-style flair. Certain attacks or special maneuvers are highlighted.

Alternatively, there’s a slice-of-life element to the game where you can romance characters as well, which is where a lot of the spicy content comes into play involving the extremely busty main heroines.

Ideology in Friction - Busty Succubus

Outside of the combat and romance, you’ll also be able to explore the large world that the cleavage-defying coquettes inhabit.

There are various places to visit, plenty of NPCs to interact with, and a lot of different enemies and bosses to defeat.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store right now. Alternatively you can visit the official website for more buying options, including getting the uncensored R18+ version of the game from MangaGamer or JastUSA.

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