Jesus Strikes Back Adds Honkler, Pepe, While Newsweek, Daily Mail Brew Moral Panic
Jesus Strikes Back Pepe

2 Genderz Productions is doing what NetherRealms no longer has the balls to do, and what most Western developers are too converged to do: make a statement against the status quota. While nearly every other Western developer is bending over backwards to accommodate the Rainbow Reich’s corrosion of culture, and entertain the domestic degeneration put forward by the diocese of degeneracy, 2 Genderz is standing tall against the hordes to satirize the ridiculousness of today’s society with their third-person shooter, Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day.

The game had an extremely rocky start getting released due to all the Social Justice Warriors actively going out of their way to de-platform the game, demonetize the developers, and attempt to get the payment processors to stifle any kind of community support aimed at crowdfunding the game. However, through perseverance and the sheer will to offend snowflakes of low constitution, 2 Genderz pushed through the horde of non-binary NPCs in order to release Jesus Strikes Back, and it’s currently available for purchase over on the official website.

They’ve proudly announced that the game has received a brand new update during its alpha phase, adding a few more playable characters to the ever-growing roster, including Pepe the Frog and Honkler the Clown. Two shining beacons of representing today’s abject Clown World status.

Another character has also been added to the playable stable of vibrant personalities, including Sir Deus Vult The First, a Crusader who fights against degeneracy. Some of the new bosses include public agitators Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished in today’s Era of the Clown.

Media outlets continued to pour outrage and invective toward Jesus Strikes Back for being a political game that satirizes the wrong politics.

The media is all about making games and movies political, but only when it’s condemning anything on the Right and proliferating anything on the Left… especially the Alt-Left.

As covered in a video by YouTuber Mr. Obvious, the Social Justice Warriors at various major news outlets are still taking aim at Jesus Strikes Back for now kowtowing to the Regressive Left’s Tammany.

Some notably large media outlets took aim at the game, criticizing it for satirizing the ridiculous nature of today’s Social Justice Warrior-infected media landscape.

Newsweek’s article attempts to frame the discussion around Jesus Strikes Back through the lens of the outraged, using “appalling” and “sickening” to paint the game as some sort of evil incarnate out to take your baby from the prim and spit in your favorite coffee mug on the way out of the window.

The article was published on June 3rd, 2019, and is titled “Anger Over ‘Sick’ Video Game That Allows You To Play As Trump Gunning Down Migrants, Feminists and Antifa”.

The opening paragraph says it all, where they write…

“A video game which allows you to play as President Donald Trump gunning down migrants, feminists and Antifa has been blasted on social media as “sick” and “appalling.”


“Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day is a PC shooter that allows you play as Jesus Christ alongside a number of figures beloved by the alt-right, including Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, Pepe the Frog and […] the Christchurch Mosque gunman who killed 51 people in March of this year.”

Daily Mail was right behind Newsweek with a piece titled “Fury over sick video game called Jesus Strikes Back that lets gamers play as Adolf Hitler and Christchurch mosque gunman”.

Apart form the moral hand-wringing that the article dives into, some of the commenters were a little less enthused by the framing of the game as some kind of evil attack on Leftism, and instead points out the fact that Christians should be the ones angry and not just Left-wing Social Justice Warriors. Boredomlevels9000 wrote…

“The main issue I see with the game is that it’s offensive and blasphemous to the Christian faith but that’s obviously not the reason these people, who wouldn’t give a dam about how Christians feel, are trying to ban it. Heck, games receive acclaim just for being anti Christian these days. I hope the game gets released to the few people who want to play it if just to spite those hypocrites protesting it.”

But the moral arbiters of interactive entertainment didn’t stop there.

U.K., outlet The Star also chimed in like clockwork with their two cents. In a piece published on June 3rd, 2019 they penned a piece titled “Jesus Strikes Back: sick PC game that lets you play as Hitler and murder feminists and gays slammed”. Whoever wrote it was too ashamed to slap a name on the byline and instead settled with “Group Reporter”.

These days the moral panic police don’t even have the cajones to stand by their manufactured outrage.

The article almost seems as if it was written by someone too taken aback to formulate a proper argument about the game other than calling it “sick” and regurgitating talking points made by less cowardly outlets.

They were also no fans of the game’s community, writing…

“The game also has a comment page, though it’s difficult to tell if the accounts are real or bogus designed to boost the game’s popularity.


“Comment headings are derogatory and aggressive – and targeted against women, homosexuals, and Jewish people.


“Though the game has been panned by the LGBTQ community, it has attracted gamers on Reddit who describe it as a “wholesome game” about “fighting degeneracy”.”

The Mirror was the only one brazen enough not to hide behind cherry-picked quotes from a petition cooked up to advocate for the game to be banned. He outright called the game “vile” and labeled anyone who purchased the title “depraved”, boldly writing…

“A sick video game lets players choose characters resembling real-life monsters including Christchurch gunman […] for missions to slaughter gay and minority people.


“Depraved fans pay £12 to download the shoot ’em up, which features a killer based on the Australian accused of the March mosques atrocity in New Zealand.


“Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day was released before the Christchurch rampage, in which 51 died – but an update introduced a character known as Brent T, an Australian who looks a dead ringer for […].

“The vile game also lets warped fans play as fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.


“And they can pose as a Donald Trump character who dangles a transgender woman off a roof – and kill mixed-race former US President Barack Obama.”

Hilariously enough the commenters (and there are only two on the Mirror article) called the site out for fabricating more “false outrage” with a “click bait article”. Even the Honkler made an appearance, sporting his rainbow colored hair and mocking Left-wing SJWs for believing all white men are the Christchurch shooter.

What’s actually quite odd is that Christian Justice Warriors have been surprisingly silent about Jesus Strikes Back. As mentioned in the comment section of the Daily Mail article, one would have expected CJWs to be more offended at a game that they might deem blasphemous than SJWs, but in the Regressive Left’s camp it’s more offensive to them to poke fun at the non-existing, non-binary pansexual otherkin than it is to poke fun at a religion that actually teaches you how to improve society and how be a good person, which is the complete opposite of Social Justice Warriors.

Anyway, if you want to support Jesus Strikes Back you can do so for just $14.88.

The game is currently in alpha testing but you can purchase a digital copy from over on the official Jesus Strikes Back website.

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