KAMIKO Sells 250,000 Copies On Nintendo Switch; Arrives On Steam Today

Skipmore, Esquadra Inc., and Flyhigh Works’ KAMIKO turned out to be a smash hit indie success on the little Switch that could. The pixelated action-adventure game that hearkens back to NES-style classics like The Legend of Zelda managed to move 250,000 copies on the Switch alone, opening a door of success for the developers and an opportunity to further expand those sales by courting additional platforms, such as a launch on Steam for PC.

They announced that they had hit a quarter of a million in sales today, informing the press that they sold over 250,000 copies of KAMIKO on the Nintendo eShop alone. That’s an impressive milestone for an indie developer without a major marketing campaign or any sort of pre-release hype trains to help bolster sales. They managed to reach that sales height over the course of two years, with the game having released back in April of 2017. However, just under half of those sales were accrued within the span of just three months, as reported by Nintendo Life.

I suppose some people might say that 250,000 over the course of two years isn’t that impressive; but again, this is an indie studio without a marketing campaign. This game sold that amount based on word of mouth and community support, which is impressive. And now, they have an opportunity to bolster their sales even further with the release on Steam.

The pixelated, top-down adventure sees players taking on the role of waifu-ready priestesses who must withstand the parlous nature of a quest that involves battling against demons who have overrun the land, all while solving puzzles along the way. It’s a mixture of hack-and-slash combat with environment based puzzle-solving, not unlike the Legend of Zelda games from yore.

The story is based around classical Japanese Shinto mythology, and your objective is to complete each stage by breaking the magical seals of the Torii gates while defeating the demon boss at the end of each stage.

You can obviously tell that this is an indie title because the main heroines are all designed to be cute and are wearing skirts and stockings into battle, something that many Western game developers see as haram, and will banish the thought from their creative (or lack thereof) processes.

I could rant about horrible Western art-styles and character designs all day long, but I digress.

Anyway, KAMIKO is available right now over on the Steam store for $4.99. You can check it out right now or learn more about the game by visiting the store page.


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