Keemstar And 100 Top YouTubers Will Target Advertisers Of Corrupt Media Journalists
YouTube vs MSM

For the last few years media journalists have been targeting YouTubers and attempting to demonetize and deplatform them at every turn. They originally went after PewDiePie incessantly, causing multiple adpocalypses to take place. They managed in some ways to subdue PewDiePie, got Steven Crowder completely demonetized and a bunch of other channels terminated via the VoxAdpocalypse, and recently caused TheQuartering to lose multiple advertisers. Well, some YouTubers are done with all this nonsense and some of the top YouTubers, led by Drama Alert’s Keemstar, are about ready to fight back.

On June 7th, 2019 Keemstar rolled out a tweet that garnered 12 thousand likes, letting the Twitter denizens know that he was going to pull out a Moses and lead the YouTubers to the promise land of demonetizing the corrupt journalists who operate from their pulpit of propaganda in mainstream media.

Keemstar’s tweet came after a series of other tweets he posted up on June 7th, 2019 where he explained what led to this decision to finally push back against the media malfeasance that has been employed to ruin the lives of many content creators, new media, and even the gaming industry.

Keemstar wrote…

“Imagine a world where us YouTubers got together & made a campaign targeting advertisers show them how wasteful it is to sponsor this main stream media sites! You are only a few articles away from this happening journalist! We can make a way bigger splash then you ever could.


“I get your media , power & influence is dying. I’m sorry. But it’s not YouTubers fault. If we fight back a lot of of you will be out of a job. We have millions that watch us and way more influence. So please stop attacking YouTubers or we will use your tactics against you.


“If u want to write a article exposing YouTubers for messing up fine. If u want to targeted advertisers that run ads on YouTube to scare them. Then we must fight back.


“We must show them how its better to advertise with influencers because we actually sell products. You don’t!”

He’s right.

The old guard is dying.

Vox laid off 5% of its entire staff last year, as reported by Variety.

CNN had 100 employees accept buyouts in early May, as reported by Washington Examiner.

And 1,000 journalists across Buzzfeed, AOL, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and the rest of Verizon’s media group were all laid off back in January of 2019.

Legacy media is dying.

Moreover, many of these corrupt journalists are trying to utilize a scorched Earth approach for a Pyrrhic victory, which is what Vox’s Carlos Maza attempted with the VoxAdpocalypse. Keemstar covered the drama back on June 6th, 2019.

The Drama Alert content creator seems intent on staving off this advertising Armageddon against YouTubers by targeting mainstream media advertisers instead.

It’s a smart maneuver that many YouTubers should have employed during the first adpocalypse, but many of them kept justifying and making excuses for the corrupt media that has resulted in many YouTube channels being demonetized or terminated. Well, after a lot of poking the bear, it looks like some of the top tier YouTubers are now going after media. Finally.

Let’s hope they get organized and make use of #GamerGate-style tactics like Operation Disrespectful Nod to cut off their ideological opponents at the knees. It would be a commerce fatality that has long been in the making and well overdue.

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