Kill La Kill: IF New Trailers Show Off Ryuko And Satsuki In Action

Some new tidbits on Kill La Kill: IF has surfaced regarding the story mode,  and campaign unlocks thanks to two new trailers. The upcoming sexy fighting game is slated to launch next month across PC, PS4, and Switch.

Last month we reported that, for now, Arc System Works and APlus Games’ Kill la Kill: IF will not be censored when it hits PC, PS4, and Switch across different regions. Although the spicy and scantily clad heroines are unscathed as of now, the game still has to go through the nonsensical trials of “game journos” and PlayStation policies before release.

While we wait to see if the game can best the aforesaid snares and traps, as of today Arc System Works has released two character trailers for Kill la Kill: IF, which depict Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin going at it in separate videos.

The first video up out of the two trailers show Matoi hacking and dashing about the battlefield while fighting Kiryuin. The video in question clocks in just under a minute and sits below for your viewing pleasure:

Much like the first trailer, the second video instead sees Kiryuin taking the upper hand up against Matoi on the battlefield. The video that comes in by Arc System Works YouTube channel is up for you to look over:

Before signing out, it’s worth noting that even though Matoi is the protagonist of the anime series (Kill la Kill), Kiryuin will be the protagonist in Kill la Kill: IF story mode. However, Matoi will have her own playthrough (or mode) that is unlocked after beating the latter’s campaign.

If all of that sounds like something you can get behind, Kill la Kill: IF is set to hit PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch on July 25th, 2019, in Japan, and July 26th, 2019, in the West.


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