Limited Run Games Tosses THQ Nordic Under The Bus For 8chan AMA On ResetEra


ResetEra is still holding grudges against THQ Nordic for hosting an AMA over on 8chan back in late February of 2019. The forum is using every opportunity possible to deride the publisher, and they even took aim at Limited Run Games who partnered with THQ Nordic to place the physical games distributor in the hot spot. Unfortunately, in an attempt to clear up any kind of misinformation the representative for Limited Run Games threw THQ Nordic under the bus for the AMA on 8chan.

On June 10th, 2019 ResetEra made a thread about Limited Run Games’ public statements about being overjoyed to team up with THQ Nordic.

They then began badmouthing THQ Nordic for having hosted the AMA on 8chan back in February. And despite THQ profusely apologizing multiple times after various industry professionals implicitly threatened them to remove the tweet, ResetEra still held a grudge against the publisher, along with various game journalists.

They claimed that Limited Run Games was supporting a company that took part in an AMA on a site that was linked to child pornography. Limited Run Games was quick to address the spread of misinformation by making a post in the ResetEra thread.

If you’re unable to view the message in the picture, it states…

“To be clear, we are overjoyed to bring Red Faction to physical format. Agreed that it was bad wording for the tweet, and for that we apologize. It should’ve been clearer.

“We are not overjoyed with THQN’s AMA on 8chan, to say the least, and in no way endorse it.”

This act of capitulation was none too welcome in the inner circles of actual gamers. Even TheQuartering did a video admonishing Limited Run Games for kowtowing to the faux outrage generated by ResetEra.

The most hilarious part about the whole thing is that users who weren’t interested in dogpiling on Limited Run Games or THQ Nordic got banned.

Yes, if you made a post in the forum asking about prices or release dates instead of getting in on the outrage machine, you were banned.

Limited Run Games did the smart thing and completely bail out of the thread after making their statement, presumably to quell any kind of potential misinterpretations that some might attempt to glean out of ResetEra’s boisterous and unchecked claims.

It’s till sad to see that the anti-gaming outlet that’s more-so concerned with censorship and control still manages to force so many developers to bend the knee in the way that they have.

(Thanks for the news tips Chris_Ceee and Lyle)