Metal Revolution Trailer Highlights Killer Combos And A Sexy Cyborg Nun
Metal revolution

A brand new trailer for the upcoming fighting game due out for Steam, PS4 and iOS was released, highlighting some of the playable characters, a few of the environments, and the general scope of the gameplay mechanics and features.

NEXT Studios’ upcoming title is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, featuring a variety of different characters each with their own styles and quirks. As pointed out by Event Hubs, the game is very similar to NEXT Studios’ previous outing called Rising Thunder, which attempted to enter into the e-sports arena but to no avail. You can check out the new trailer for Metal Revolution below.

So first of all, we have got to talk about that super hot cyborg nun with the big boobs. The developers obviously aren’t afraid of sex appeal, opposite of the developers at NetherRealm Studios.

The sexy nun is just one of nearly a dozen characters, each with their own fighting styles, combos, and gimmicks. It kind of reminds me of this generation’s Cyber Gladiators.

We see that there’s a samurai cyborg butler, a Bruce Lee robot with nunchucks, and a hefty robot with the obvious power moves and grappling abilities.

The game doesn’t look like it breaks any molds or reinvents the wheel, but then again maybe NEXT Studios wasn’t aiming to do that. Maybe the goal of the developers was just to get something new out on the market and then try to iterate from there.

Overall, Metal Revolution has some style going for it and some interesting looking characters. I kind of wish more games implement the kind of counter-based gameplay we saw in classic titles like Versus on the PSX, but then again we haven’t seen enough of Metal Revolution to know what the mechanical minutiae is like. The indie title is due out later this year on Steam for PC, followed by a release on PS4 and iOS.


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