Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Mod Restores Nice Chinchin
Million Arthur Censorship Mod

Square Enix and Team Arcana’s Million Arthur: Arcana Blood‘s release on Steam didn’t arrive without a bit of controversy. The highly anticipated niche fighting game launched with some unnecessary censorship, mostly in the form of the “Nice Chinchin” assist move being changed where instead of the character jumping in to stun an opponent by grabbing their crotch, she comes in and simply punches them. Well, some purists decided that that was no good, and they decided to restore the nut grab in the way that it was always meant to be portrayed.

Over on Twitter [email protected] created a restoration patch that’s currently available for download via

The patch was made available just days after the release of the game on June 20th, 2019.

As mentioned in the tweet, all you have to do is copy over the file, remove “.chinchin” from the filename and you should be good to go.

This will restore the “Nice Chinchin” animation to how it was originally supposed to be. You can see how it was originally supposed to be in the video below from Alex Chin.

Unfortunately, there’s still no fix for the censorship of Kaguya. Yes, it turns out that the PS4 version of the game was also censored on release.

Twitter user Roselia Shill posted up a comparison between the PS4 version of Million Arthur: Arcana Blood and the original arcade version of the game, the latter of which shows Kaguya bending over while presenting her butt cheeks in an amazing thong shot. You can see the comparison below and how it was censored on the PS4.

And yes, since the Steam version is a port-over from the PS4, it means that the censorship carried over, too.

So modders would also have to work to restore that portion of the game as well.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is currently available right now on PS4 and on the Steam store for $39.99. However, at least PC users get the benefit of installing the restoration mods to undo the “Nice Chinchin” censorship.

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