Moss ‘Twilight Garden’ Update Finally Launching On All VR Platforms

Previously only available on the Oculus Quest, the “Twilight Garden” update for Moss is finally rolling out on other platforms, adding new content to the critically acclaimed platforming adventure game for VR.

Moss originally launched on the PSVR about a year and a half ago, introducing players to Quill, an adorable mouse who gets sucked into an epic adventure while trying to locate her missing uncle. The beautifully designed game was an instant hit and remained as such when it eventually arrived on other platforms.

So some fans were obviously a bit upset when a new and improved version of the game launched exclusively for the Oculus Quest featuring the Twilight Garden, a collection of new areas to explore, monsters to fight, puzzles to solve and gear to acquire.

As noted on the PlayStation Blog, though, the time for envy has come to an end. The Twilight Garden update drops into the PSVR version of Moss today and is also being made available on the Oculus Rift/S, the HTC Vive and Windows MR.

Rather than being a single new location, access to the Twilight Garden is granted through special portals located throughout the core game. Moss only runs a handful of hours, so this will be ideal for new players or old fans looking for a good reason to visit one of the best VR games to date.

In the Twilight Garden, you’ll interact with a grumpy frog, tackle new challenges and earn a brand new suit of armor and a shiny new sword. You’ll also earn some new in-game abilities and, following the update, Quill’ base combat abilities will be improved.

It seems like the team at Polyarc Games used the “Twilight Garden” update to further flesh out the Moss experience, adding new content while improving the core mechanics. This all should serve the sequel quite nicely, which is teased at the end of the PS Blog post. No details are offered, sadly, but it’s made clear this adventure will continue.


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