Netflix Reportedly Working On An Animated Magic: The Gathering TV Show

According to a new report, a partnership between Wizards of the Coast, Netflix and the directors of Avengers: Endgame has formed where work on a Magic: The Gathering animated series will come to fruition at an unknown date.

Publication site writes that Magic: The Gathering will have an animated series to start sometime at an unknown date. However, what is known is that the Russo brothers will be crowned as the executive producers with the site writing:

“Magic: The Gathering will be an animated series for Netflix, with Joe and Anthony Russo serving as executive producers. The Russo brothers are best known for their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including directing Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.”

The brothers behind some of the Marvel cinematic films claim to be fans of the trading card game (TCG) with the two offering the following statement to the website about their involvement:

“We have been huge fans and players of Magic: The Gathering for as long as it has been around, so being able to help bring these stories to life through animation is a true passion project for us.”

The publication site states that Netflix has confirmed MtG’s key writers, which includes:

  • Henry Gilroy – lead writer
  • Jose Molina – lead writer

Gilroy has worked on animated series for kids such as the Bionicle films (2003-2005), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (2012), and Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United (2014) to name a few.

Molina’s work stretches from Firefly (2002–2003), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2004–2006), Without a Trace (2006–2008), Castle (2009–2010) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2011), Grimm (2012), The Vampire Diaries (2012–2013) to Agent Carter (2015–2016).

Yoriaki Mochizuki will be helping out on the MtG show as the supervising director. Mochizuki’s work spans from The Lego Movie (2014) to Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (2018). Besides Gilroy, Molina, and Mochizuki, little else is known about the upcoming animated TV show.

Until more info drops, what do you think of this upcoming series? Do you think it will be a mess? An SJW pandering show? Or do you think it will be decent at launch?


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