Omega Labyrinth Life Uncensored English Version Available August 1st via Play-Asia
Omega Labyrinth Life

Two big pieces of news dropped recently. D3 Publisher released a new overview trailer for Omega Labyrinth Life on the Nintendo Switch, which will be uncensored, and Play-Asia announced that an English language version of the game will be available for import from their shop starting August 1st, 2019 this summer.

So first up, you can purchase a physical uncensored version of Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch from over on the Play-Asia website.

They also have the censored PlayStation 4 version, Labyrinth Life, available as well. The PS4 version is $10 cheaper because it doesn’t have half the amount of fan-service as the Nintendo Switch version of the game. So the PS4 version is $49.99 and the Switch version is $59.99. There’s also a special limited edition for both Switch and PS4, with the Switch version being $119.99 and the PS4 version being $109.99.

Both the PS4 and Switch versions of the game are available for pre-order right now, as indicated in the tweet.

But the news didn’t stop there.

D3 Publisher rolled out a full six and a half minute overview trailer for the upcoming game, covering both the Switch and PS4 versions. The hilarious part about it is that they spend six minutes on the Switch version of the game, and only 30 seconds on the PS4 version. The reason for this is because the Switch version features the HD Rumble when interacting with the boobs, the ability to unlock new items by rubbing them between the breasts of the characters, and the body-massage feature to interact with the girls. The PS4 version is depicted as a “family friendly” version. Check it out below.

What’s absolutely hilarious is that they take digs at game journalists as well, who they mockingly made ask how they could play a game with such beautiful tits in front of their family? It’s basically a huge “screw you!” to Sony, who came out and said that their “censorship policies” were done to appeal to “global standards” and to “protect young people”.

The game features dungeon crawling, hack-and-slash combat, and lots and lots and lots of boobs. They seemed to make that quite apparent in the video above.

Omega Labyrinth Life - Boobs Are Life

Omega Labyrinth Life is only scheduled to release in Japan and Asia, but thanks to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch being region-free, it means that you’ll be able to import the game and play it on any Switch or PS4 unit. The really good part is that you don’t even need a new Nintendo Network account if you get the physical cartridge version on the Switch. Just plop it in and play.

You can look for the boner culture-approved Omega Labyrinth Life to launch on August 1st, 2019 later this year for the Nintendo Switch. The game will also be available as Labyrinth Life, the family friendly version, on the PS4 as well. But no one in their right mind (other than zombified fanboys) will purchase the PS4 version.

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