Persona 5 Royal To Release In The West In 2020

According to the latest trailer that Atlus has released for E3 2019, folks looking forward to Persona 5 Royal have the chance to snag the JRPG between Q1 – Q4 2020. In other words, the Phantom Thieves will be back at it again in the enhanced version sometime in 2020 for PS4.

Given that E3 2019 is alive and kicking as of this writing, it should come in as no surprise that Atlus has released a new video for Persona 5 Royal showing new content and its release date.

Furthermore, the Phantom Thieves will return in Royal after a three-year break — when Persona 5 made its Western debut in 2017. If, however, you are excited to explore new features in the world of Persona, you can join the heart stealers next year as they prep to make their triumphant return.

In the meantime, Atlus has tweeted that a taste of the English dub for Persona 5 Royal is up:

And like clockwork, the E3 2019 trailer featuring Persona 5’s English voice cast is available for you to look over, which boasts new cutscenes, locations, abilities, and characters that you’ll meet in the enhanced game, including the brand new playable party member, Kasumi Yoshizawa:

As for the new character Kasumi, she attends the Shujin Academy and is a gymnast. Additionally, while the Shujin Academy has high expectations for her future, she seems to respect the main character (you) but renounces the Phantom Thieves:

“A beautiful girl who transfers to Shujin Academy the same year the protagonist moves to Tokyo. She has made outstanding achievements as a rhythmic gymnast since middle school, and Shujin Academy has great expectations for her future. She seems to admire the protagonist, but rejects the Phantom Thieves…? Whether she is an enemy or ally remains to be seen.”

Lastly, Atlus has also posted the VAs behind the new characters like Kasumi Yoshizawa and Shujin Academy counselor and new confidant, Takuto Maruki. The former’s VA is Laura Post, and the latter is Billy Kametz.

As noted above, the game is to release for PS4 sometime in 2020.


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