Pinterest Perma-Bans Live Action Pro-Life Account For “Harmful Misinformation”
Live Action

Pinterest is getting in on the anti-Conservative, pro-censorship digs that Google, Twitter and Facebook have been making headlines for in recent times. However, their censorship is a lot more blatant and most certainly politically charged. They recently banned the account Live Action for the pro-life messages, claiming that it contained “harmful misinformation”.

The founder and president of Live Action, Lila Rose, tweeted out that the account had been permanently banned by Pinterest on June 11th, 2019.

Some of the mainstream websites are already trying to spin the news, and create a narrative that censoring Live Action on Pinterest isn’t censorship. In fact, Jezebel was quick to demean Live Action for calling the ban “censorship”, with a headline that reads “Anti-Abortion Group Live Action Absurdly Claims Censorship by Pinterest”.

They justify the ban by claiming that back in February of 2019 Pinterest had updated its guidelines to crack down on “medical misinformation”.

They claim that Live Action’s denouncement of birth control as harmful to women’s bodies as medical misinformation. They scooped up a comment from Pinterest spokesperson who played into that narrative, saying…

“We took action on several months ago for violating our misinformation policy related to conspiracies and health, and not for any other reason.”

The evidence for the misinformation? They link to’s Q&A about the dangers of hormonal contraceptives with Radiant Magazine, which was published back on March 21st, 2015.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if Pinterest provided Rose with any recent examples of the “harmful misinformation” that led to the permanent ban on June 11th, 2019. It sounds like it was a slow build-up over time and then Pinterest finally pulled the trigger, but if they didn’t actually violate the rules, then how is it a justified ban?

Project Veritas did a bit more digging into the issue and discovered that Pinterest had placed Live Action on a “porn blacklist”, preventing their content from showing up. The list also contained more than just pornographic websites, and also contained sites like PJmedia and Zero Hedge, not unlike the “problematic” website list that Google has, which was part of a leaked memo about Google’s shadow banning antics.

Project Veritas also reported that the term “Christian” was apparently being blocked from auto-complete in Pinterest searches. Pinterest, however, responded to the website’s article and issued the following statement, saying…

“Religious content is allowed on Pinterest, and many people use our service to search for and save Pins inspired by their beliefs. To protect our users from being targeted based on personal characteristics such as their religion, we have policies in place so that ads and recommendations don’t appear alongside certain terms.”

We’ve seen this kind of nebulous censorship happening from Twitter, Facebook, and Google in increasing amounts of frequency. From shadow bans to outright de-indexing, and from suspensions to outright bans. It’s all become a political battlefield that even caught the attention of the White House.

Whether or not anything will come of it is a completely different story but it’s definitely out there.

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