Pokemon Sword And Shield Fan Artist Besieged By Criticism From SJWs For Not Drawing Nessa Darker

A Japanese fan-artist decided to take a crack at the new Pokemon trainer Nessa, drawing her under different lighting circumstances that caused her to look lighter than usual. This became a peeve for the perpetually perturbed, and they decided to make their displeasure known to the artist.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news after various Social Justice Warriors filtered into the thread of Najuco’s chic illustration of Nessa, which you can check out below.

The replies under the drawing and around Twitter, however, are anything but chic.

The Social Justice Warrior types are fussing up a storm over Nessa being “whitewashed”.

There are hundreds of comments and thousands of tweets about it, as evident by the fact that more than 31,000 people liked the original artwork.

And while Social Justice Warriors definitely took aim at Najuco, she also had a strong showing of support from normal people, too, many of whom attempted to explain that all of the Social Justice types don’t represent all of America and the West, and that she should just ignore them.

Even with Najuco getting a lot of support for the piece, and plenty of people defending her piece saying that the skin tone changed due to lighting, there were still some people convinced that it wasn’t lighting that was the problem, but rather lightening.

Najuco also engaged in a conversation with someone who tried taking her work and darkening the image. During a private direct message conversation Najuco and the other girl came to an understanding, and the girl deleted the image where she darkened Najuco’s picture.

A few mad lads took it upon themselves to mine the salt from all the butthurt Social Justice types angry about Najuco’s illustration by going all the way and simply making Nessa white to satirize ignorant Westerners who take Japanese art and then proclaim to “fix it”. The tweet garnered nearly 4,000 likes. Thus, Anonemose managed to stir up all kinds of hatred with the image below.

It’s sad that people can’t even draw fan art anymore without getting dog piled by the politically correct police, but it’s good that Najuco managed to take the whole thing in stride. Unfortunately, given that artists can’t be artists without having to wade through a gauntlet of nonsense is a prime indicator of how degenerate Twitter culture has become.

(Thanks for the news tip notsureaboutthatonechief)


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