Reddit Quarantines The_Donald Sub-Reddit Ahead of Democratic Debates


The 2020 election machine is gearing up and just ahead of the Democratic debates taking place on June 26th, 2019 in Miami, Florida, featuring 20 Democratic Presidential hopefuls, Reddit has quarantined The_Donald sub-reddit.

If you attempt to visit the sub at /r/The_Donald/, you’re greeted with a message that the community is “quarantined”.

The reason for the quarantine? Reddit’s administrators claimed that the subscribers of the sub were threatening officials. The Twitter account for the sub-reddit explained in detail what the administrators are attempting to do, writing across multiple tweets on June 26th, 2019…

“The official reasoning Reddit gives for quarantining The_Donald is “threats of violence against police and public officials.” First, The_Donald is likely one of the most Pro-LEO communities on the internet. It’s pretty clear that Reddit is just slandering us with that alone.


“Any threats toward public officials, rare as they may be, have been actively removed by moderators forever. Again, pure lies by Reddit. Why were we actually quarantined, then? We played a large part in spreading @Project_Veritas’ Google censorship story.


“The story that lit a fire under big-tech leftists to make good on what was said in the video (while denying it). Reddit admins removed the story claiming it violated the mysterious TOS, and banned both Project Veritas’ subreddit and company account.


“But The_Donald is where the story got attention on Reddit, and likely elsewhere. They couldn’t let that stand. They already largely censored The_Donald from reaching the front page, but apparently that wasn’t enough. So they began looking for any reason to quarantine us.


“This post … about the standoff in Oregon was apparently their saving grace. The link provided displays removed comments, so you can see just how numerous the comments threatening the police are(n’t). In fact, we have far fewer than one post per day out of hundreds of thousands that the admins feel the need to remove. Tough work. Their given reasoning falls apart with the slightest bit of scrutiny.


“Two things to notice. This happened immediately after Media Matters called for T_D to be shut down, and it’s the eve of the first Democratic Debates.


“Put two and two together.”

The Media Matters pressure that he’s referring to is an article from June 24th, 2019 claiming that members of r/The_Donald/ were calling for violence against police and public officials, thus Media Matters championed for the closure of the sub. Reddit did the next best thing and quarantined it, meaning that finding topics from search engines will be difficult, and it won’t be featured anywhere on the site, and there’s a big warning scaring off newcomers.

Carlos Maza from Vox, the one who helped start the Voxadpocalypse, was also championing for The_Donald to be censored.

Reddit was a lot less accommodating of Project Veritas, and they outright banned them from the site, in addition to YouTube censoring Project Veritas’ video exposé highlighting Google’s malfeasance to disrupt the 2020 elections and ensure that Trump isn’t re-elected.

According to the moderator of /r/The_Donald/, they received a mod mail from another moderator on Reddit, a Liberal with a conscience who told them that there other moderators desperately trying to get /r/The_Donald/ banned permanently, and are incessantly goading the administrators by staying in their ear about nuking the sub.

The relevant section from the mail reads…

[…] Here is the thing you need to understand, it’s not enough for them to have a community like this put on the backburner. They it to not exist. To exist means your ideas permeate, which is too much for them to bear. They don’t want alternatives, even if those alternatives are minority viewpoints. They want only one viewpoint to permeate. Their own.


“Case in point, on one of my subreddits, we have a conservative news source that is routinely downvoted to zero by the community. I doubt it’s ever gotten to double digit upvotes in years. Yet, our modteam has on has on multiple occasions discussed privately about banning this publication all the same. We have had at least more than 3 extended conversations about this publication. To the point of obsession, some mods will simply not let it go. It’s not good enough for them that every submission from that source gets zero upvotes. They want it gone. Purged. Unmade.

“To the cred of other parts of the modteam, we have kept it, for now, but the segment of totalitarian moderators remain, always anxious and infuriated that we just even allow the source to be considered for submission.


“Additionally you wouldn’t believe all the sociopathic comments I get from liberal oriented people everyday making death threats. Our subreddit’s moderation queues are backed up so I can assure you a lot of violence talk/death threats goes unmoderated. There is no excuse that your sub should be punished for a couple of random comments.


“This is where the_donald comes in. Please do not have this community sperg out and go to voat or or whatever else. That’s what he wider reddit community wants to see happen. They want you deplatformed and irrelevant. You need to cherish what you have. This community is likely the largest trump community on the internet. It has to be protected, not segmented. […]”

While the sentiment is noble, the tactics seem less than honorable. The Liberal moderator suggests groveling and begging the administrators to stay on Reddit, but the reality is that if Reddit feels you need to go, you need to go.

They did the same thing when Pizzagate began sifting through the 24,000 pedophile accounts that were discovered by a hacker on Twitter. They were attempting to cross-reference the people from those accounts with the names mentioned in the leaked John Podesta e-mails to see if there was any correlation. Before they could finish their research the Reddit administrator nuked the sub.

Earlier this year Reddit also quarantined Sargon of Akkad’s sub-reddit, too, limiting its visibility and attempting to thwart newcomers from visiting the sub-reddit.

Big tech is already making moves and censoring those that they feel could be a threat to their narrative. It was already revealed that Google plans on manipulating the 2020 elections so Trump doesn’t get re-elected, and it appears other tech companies like Reddit are working alongside them. Unless intervention happens soon, all major tech companies will continue to stifle out dissent and squash opposition to shape the narrative and maintain information control throughout the campaign leading up to the general elections.

(Thanks for the news tip Tim)