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Report Says Microsoft Lays Off Staff From Inside Xbox And Mixer

A new report has surfaced and touches on how some positions at Microsoft’s gaming section are no-longer filled. Before and after E3 2019 it looks like quite a few people will no longer have jobs at Microsoft from the Inside Xbox and Mixer divisions.

Publication site reports that Inside Xbox layoffs quietly happened before E3 and after said trade event Mixer has been hit, too. It’s unclear how big Microsoft’s layoff session is, but it’s clear that it’s happening right in front of us.

After the report’s first paragraph, a tweet reveals a disappointed Kate that is now unemployed, further proving the report’s headline that vacancy is present at Microsoft’s Mixer :

Moreover, the report continues to highlight other people affected by the layoff wave, and it seems that the producer position at Mixer is either open or is a thing of the past. However it goes, a particular Joshua is no longer the Senior Producer at said service:

Later in the report, it is said that Microsoft is following a long line of companies cutting their workforce in the games industry. The layoff wave has hit developers, support staff, “game journos,” and many AAA companies in the games media where the big M is no different. Additionally, a certain Austin has fit the same bill as the aforementioned cases:

It’s unclear how long this unemployment tidal wave will surge across the games sphere, but there are people around the net saying that this isn’t the end of the layoff tsunami. However, some of that sentiment is true given that Microsoft’s full list of people affected by the “#funemployment” hasn’t surfaced.

Lastly, the report ends with the writer reaching out to Microsoft for further information on the situation, but Microsoft has not issued a response to the publication site (even after 48 hours).