Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin Nintendo Switch Trailer Highlights Customization, Farming And Combat
Sakuna of Rice and Ruin Nintendo Switch

Marvelous Entertainment, Honey Parade Games, and Edelweiss’ upcoming side-scrolling, 3D, hack-and-slash, farm simulation, fantasy slice-of-life role-playing game, Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin, received a brand new trailer highlighting more of the game’s combat, boss encounters, and a little bit of the customization features present in the game. The trailer also reveals that the upcoming mixed-genre title will be debuting on the Nintendo Switch alongside the PS4 and PC release.

The first thing you’ll note is that the art style really does stand out above and beyond anything else on the market. Honey Parade Games really worked hard to hone in on a more picturesque presentation of the island where you’ll take control of a mysterious young girl who arrives to both help restore balance to the island and defeat some of the evil demon monsters plaguing the forbidden parts.

There aren’t a whole lot of new sequences showcased in the trailer, but we do get to see a little bit of the item acquisition features and customization for the main heroine. This includes outfitting her in different costumes, different hats, and different masks. You can get an idea of what it’s like with the trailer below.

It’s a shame a lot of people in the West probably missed this trailer because it aired right before E3. However, it has some really strong numbers on YouTube, around three quarters of a million views, so it’s not all bad.

This is also probably the most polished and well put-together trailer for the game, showing off a lot of the different weapon attacks, special moves, and how you can start and cancel combos, transition into air-juggles, and special moves. The combat looks really, really polished here. It’s very much like a side-scrolling version of Devil May Cry.

The trailer also dabbles in the gardening and farming simulation aspects as well, showcasing some of the gorgeous environments featured in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin.

Sakuna of Rice and Rain - Marsh

Now the game was supposed to be out last year in the winter, localized by XSeed Games for release on PC and PS4. However, things apparently didn’t quite go as planned and delays set in.

Despite the delays, the addition of the Nintendo Switch to the platform line-up (which is probably what caused the delay) is definitely good news. This always felt like it had a strong affinity for a Switch release, so it’s good to see Marvelous pulling the trigger on that.

If I did have any complaint about the game it would be that the water physics look kind of goopy, but otherwise that’s a minor and inconsequential nitpick.

I’m not sure when the game is coming out at this point, but you can keep track of its development and learn more by visiting the official Sakuna: Of Rice and Rain website.


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