Samurai Shodown Rimururu Trailer Offers Gamers A Glimpse At A Young And Dangerous Waifu
Samurai Shodown Rimururu

SNK Corporation dropped a new trailer for the DLC character set to arrive in the upcoming fighting game Samurai Shodown. The trailer was likely missed by a lot of people who weren’t readily paying attention due to all the other big news drops taking place this week in light of E3 (even though there hasn’t been one megaton news drop during the whole event so far). However, if you did miss the trailer for Rimururu, the newest waifu to grace the ever-expanding roster of playable swordsmen in Samurai Shodown, don’t worry… we got you covered.

The new trailer is just under a minute long featuring Rimururu doing what she does best, and giving gamers an idea of what the new DLC fighter will bring to the table. The moe-style character taps into the cutesy side of the bloody fighting game, as the young pugilist uses her dagger and floating relic to unleash a combination of quick attacks and freezing ice blasts.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of GamersPrey.

She fights very much like a Samurai Shodown rendition of Kula from the King of Fighters. She’s able to both use her ice attacks as offensive additions to her combos, as well as defensive counter measures to zone opponents and create space.

According to EventHubs while we know that this is the first announced DLC character for the Samurai Shodown revival, we don’t know when she’s coming or how much she’ll cost. What we do know is that for those of you who purchase the season pass for the DLC, Rimururu will be included in the pass and you won’t have to pay for her separately.

Nevertheless, I have to tip my hat off to SNK for really playing up what they know gamers like out of female characters. They acknowledge that they can be cute, they can be badass, and they can be sexy, without stripping away from their characteristics of femininity. This is something that the Western competitors have completely been unable to touch in anyway, as all their female characters these days are hideous abominations that deserve nothing but the unwavering heat from the ire of undying flames.

I digress.

You can look for Samurai Shodown to launch on PS4 and Xbox One first starting June 25th at the end of the month. The PC and Nintendo Switch versions are due out in winter later this year or early next year.

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