SCUM Update Adds Customizable Females And A Boob Slider
SCUM Female Update

Devolver Digital may have wussied out and had Croteam and Gamepires censor the Nazi tattoos in SCUM, but on the upside at least the latest update for the game brings customizable female characters, complete with a boob slider.

The update was made over on the Steam community page, where they revealed the not quite safe for work trailer showcasing the new female model for the survival sim. In typical Left-wing fashion to keep the propaganda train alive, they have the black murderer dancing with the white female.

Much like Conan Exiles you can modify the boob size of the characters just like you can modify the schlong size for the guys. At the moment there are no tattoos supported for the female characters in this build of the game, but they promise that tattoos for female characters will be added in future builds.

There are three head variants to choose from and the typical clothing attire for the characters you’ll find around the island.

In addition to adding playable female characters they also implemented the long awaited base building feature, along with an overhauled inventory system with better quality of life navigation.

Beards have also been added to the game via a real-time growth feature. Yes, beards grow on your characters.

You can trim your beard to get the length you want.

New missions are also on the horizon along with further optimizations. In this most recent build they did address some of the freezing and game crashes, along with reduction in lag and FPS disruption.

The game is still a long ways away from being complete and at the moment it’s still trudging through the Early Access mud after having launched last year in August. They don’t expect to complete the game until August of this year.

SCUM is available right now in Early Access for $19.99 over on the Steam store for PC.


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