Silver Chains Heads To PC August 6th, Late 2019 For PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Silver Chains

Headup Games and first-time developer Cracked Heads Games announced that the first-person horror sim, Silver Chains, is due to drop on PC starting August 6th later this summer. The game is also scheduled to release on home consoles as well, including the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

The game centers around a victim of a mysterious accident that occurs in rural England, and no it doesn’t involve a mysteriously missing police report about a migrant knife attack or a grooming gang from a no-go zone. It does, however, involve some ghastly specters and unrested souls roaming through the halls and terrorizing you as you make your way through the proverbial haunted house.

The story unfolds as the protagonist, Peter, begins to explore the house and uncover the clues about the mysterious going-ons. He eventually finds out that the house he ends up at isn’t a first time visit… because he’s been there before.

In typical spooky-house fashion mirroed after Hideo Kojima and Guiller del Toro’s Silent Hills (or more specifically the P.T. Demo) there’s a lot of scripted events, spooky halls and creepy ghosts lurking about.

You’ll need to explore the house, examine the rooms, and follow the clues as they lead you deeper toward the secrets buried beneath the horror you’ll encounter. According to the developers, Cracked Heads Games, there are a variety of puzzles to solve throughout the house, but you won’t be picking up a shotgun and blasting down any demons like the Doom Guy… unfortunately.

However, if you enjoy games like Blooper Team’s Layers of Fear or Red Barrels’ Outlast games, then you’ll probably find yourself attracted to the upcoming Silver Chains.

You can wishlist the game right ahead of its release over on the Steam store page, or you can wait until the game arrives on the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch at the end of the year.


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