Sonic The Hedgehog Fan-Made Movie Trailer Fixes Sonic’s Hideous CGI Body

Sonic Fan Made Remake

It’s no shock that everyone with two eyes and two ears and half of either one working right would tell you that the teaser trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie was a giant steaming pile of cow dung. A large part of that discontent was due to the fact that Sonic looked like the perverted amalgamation of a strung-out furry’s wet dream and a tumblr addict’s foray into becoming an ArtStation savant. The result is that hideous CGI thing we ended up with in the teaser trailer. Thankfully, some fans took a crazy amount of time to completely reinvent Sonic from the ground up for a brand new teaser.

YouTuber Artur Baranov completely redid the trailer with his very own CGI recreation, something he managed to put together between April 30th and May 27th, which is crazy given that the original trailer has only been out for just over a month.

You can check out Baranov’s trailer recreation below, where he completely excises the old Sonic CGI model and implements his own take on the blue hedgehog.

So let’s just go through some of the basic alterations to Jeff Fowler’s eponymous protagonist. First up, Baronov uses the more recognizable Sonic design that includes longer legs, a short round body, and lanky flesh-colored arms to match his mouth.

The uni-eye was applied along with the reduction of any visible lips. Additionally, we see that Sonic’s iconic red and white lace up shoes are back instead of the track shoes he wears in Fowler’s film.

It’s amazing but making Sonic look less like an autistic 4chan troll actually made the trailer somewhat enjoyable, especially juxtaposed with Jim Carrey’s take on Dr. Eggman.

Just to give you an idea of how distinctly different Baranov’s trailer is compared to the original, YouTuber ZeusClaws MLBB put together a comparison video showing the contrasting differences between the two trailers. Check it out below.

The funny thing about it is that Baranov managed to fix Sonic in the trailer within the span of a month. There’s a lot of “Hold my beer” comments in Baranov’s trailer praising him for being able to accomplish such a feat in such a short amount of time. According to the YouTuber he wanted to get it fixed before Fowler and the crew pump out their fixed version of Sonic. Although, given that the film has been delayed into 2020, I think the YouTuber had plenty of time to cook something up.

Anyway, what’s the consensus? Who did it better? Paramount or some YouTuber with 65k subs?