Sougetsu Ninja: Kikyou Launches Censored On Steam, R18+ Patch Available Off-Site

Sougetsu Ninja Kikyou

Pasture Soft’s indie RPG Sougetsu Ninja: Kikyou is a simple game with turn-based combat and a story following the voluptuous kunoichi on her path to becoming a powerful warrior. The real story isn’t that this game launched censored on Steam, but that there’s an R18+ patch available off-site for gamers to snatch up with their sticky hands.

The base game is available for download over on the Steam store for $9.99.

However, if you want to raise the power-level of your virtual promiscuity, you can do so by grabbing the R18+ patch from the page.

To install the R18+ patch simply download the file by clicking the “Download” button, and then unzip the Data.rar file into the game’s Steam directory. From there, you’ll be ripe, ready, and your interests erected for an unforgettable experience.

The developer was actually the one who informed the community about the off-site R18+ patch, which is supposed to be verboten on Steam, but I doubt anyone over there at Valve will care enough to follow-up and do anything about it.

The good part is that gamers gain access to all of the content that’s featured within the adult version of the game that you can also purchase from over on the DLSite store page.

The only downside about the DLSite version is that there are mosaics, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The ero-JRPG does feature around 20 basic CG images of nudity and ecchi content, but an additional 20 featuring more hardcore content to sate the thirsts of those who require something a bit more… intense.

There is partial voice-acting and an ending for those of you who can complete the game with the kunoichi’s virginity intact, which is an interesting feature.

If you want to support a different storefront, feel free to grab the game from DLSite. You won’t need the additional patch to restore the R18+ content. However, if you’re feeling lethargic, just download the game from Steam and grab the free R18+ patch from the page.

Why did this game manage to escape Valve’s Taste Police? No idea, but if I had to guess it’s that there’s an internal war taking place within the confines of the Redmond, Washington studio for the very soul of Valve’s future and weeb games are hanging in the balance.

(Thanks for the news tip Mitsuru Kirijou)