Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis Says Trump And His Supporters Are About Racism, Republicans Can’t Be Real Star Trek Fans
Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation alumni Marina Sirtis, who played Counsellor Deanna Troi on the show believes that Republicans can’t be true fans of the show because she feels that if you support President Donald Trump or proper immigration laws that it means you missed the message of the show, and that you’re racist.

Bounding Into Comics picked up the news from an interview that Sirtis had over on The Big Issue, where she talked about getting back into stage acting, as well as some of her political beliefs.

She had no qualms making it known how she felt about President Donald Trump, telling the outlet…

“I have to be honest, I miss [being in the U.K]. Despite the fact the weather is so much better [in LA] I’m really homesick and thinking seriously about coming back. Since the election I just don’t think I can live in the America Trump has created, I really don’t.


“We’re the one state that is defying him but I travel a lot so I come out of the bubble. When I go to other places my heart sinks. My fellow cast members are always telling me off for being political in places where they wouldn’t advise it, like Georgia. ‘Marina you can’t say that we’re in Atlanta’ and I’d be like ‘Yeah, but this is where I have to say it’. I have to say things in places where they possibly don’t agree with me, in a way that makes them think about something.”

This set the mood for what would come next regarding fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation who happen to be Republican, where she says…

“You feel like saying, did you watch the show? Because you are saying the exact opposite of what the show represents. It’s an oxymoron – a Star Trek fan does not equal a Republican, it doesn’t. The people who I hear from on social media, I don’t get how they can be huge fans of the show and my character and think the way that they do.


“[…] You know what, as bad as it is [in the US] it’s not going to be as bad as Brexit. Trump is going to be gone in two years hopefully. Or if they lose their minds again – I should say ‘we’ because I’m a dual citizen – and re-elect him, six years tops is all we’re going to get. But Brexit is forever. I don’t know what got into us with that vote. Still, totally baffled.”

And before the interview veers off onto her project Dark Sublime, she basically throws Americans under the bus, claiming that people are using euphemisms to germinate racism against those who “don’t have white skin or aren’t Christian”.

As outlandish as it sounds, Sirtis proudly proclaims…

“The thing is… I’m very outspoken. I say what I think. Trump and Brexit are both about immigration. That’s the bottom line. And you know what, we’ve got to stop using euphemisms, like I just did. ‘It’s all about immigration’ is a euphemism for racism. We sugar-coat it, that’s how they get away with it. We’ve got to call it what it is. Fear of the other.


“And the other right now is people who don’t have white skin or aren’t Christian. I hate that we sugar-coat it and use euphemisms like populist. Let’s call it what it is, let’s call these people out. This is how Trump is doing it, he’s giving them permission to be their hateful selves because there’s no consequences. They don’t feel embarrassed to say the things they would have been embarrassed to say when Obama was President.


“It’s like they pulled the scab off the wound and the pus is all pouring out. That’s exactly the right metaphor. It’s just disgusting. So I don’t think I can live here anymore. I don’t think English people are as bad. British people have a reputation across the world for being snooty, cold and distant but we’re authentic. We’re much more authentic than Americans.”

There’s so much to unpack here.

First of all, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is high here, and there doesn’t appear to be any cure for it. But what’s more is that not sharing the same politics as the people who worked on a popular sci-fi show would exempt you from being a real fan?

So basically if you liked Star Trek: The Next Generation but you vote Republican then you’re not a real fan of the show, according to Sirtis?

Also, if you care about protecting the borders so your family doesn’t get raped by violent migrants, like what happened to a woman who was raped by 20 lecherous migrants in Sweden, as reported by Jihad Watch, you’re apparently advocating for… racism?

There’s a lot of leaps in logic that Sirtis makes while being completely out of touch with the average citizen who is suffering at the hands of irresponsible political leaders who are advancing their own agendas at the expense of the locals’ safety.

If people don’t want their borders going up in flames and their culture being burned down in a blaze of fiery anguish, knife attacks, acid attacks, grooming gangs, and “no-go zones”, this somehow makes you racist?

Would Sirtis be okay with her family members being subjected to any of the above-mentioned acts of violence? Would she be okay with any of her close friends being subjected to such villainy? And here it is I always thought the Federation was about keeping and maintaining the peace, not supporting criminal anarchy.

Anyway, this kind of logic is why normal people don’t take seriously the words of celebrities who live in their own bubble outside of reality.

Of course, this is probably why it’s best to never meet you heroes. On the upside we’ll always have season 6, episode 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which we can reminisce on more palatable times with Sirtis, where her politics weren’t so… protuberant.

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