Succubus Trailer Has A Naked Demon Taking Selfies

Madmind Studios released a new trailer for the upcoming spin-off based on the Agony franchise called Succubus. The trailer features the titular demoness posing lustfully in front of the camera after a guy gets sucked through a gateway to hell with his camera.

The trailer is pretty short and doesn’t contain any gameplay. It’s just a short cinematic where we see Earth being raided by demons (and it sure could use a Doom Slayer right about that moment) who are razing everything in their path and destroying anything that gets in their way. The Succubus appears in front of the man recording the destruction, and as she flies close to him a doorway opens up behind him, sucking him through the portal where he presumably dies upon impact.

The demon chick, Vydija, then begins messing with the camera while selfies are being taken of her naked and grotesque body.

The story picks up after the events of the original Agony, where Nimrod took Vydija as his queen. However, Vydija preferred the lust that comes with hunting souls out in the wild. However, Baphomet and his army are on the hunt for Nimrod, and after encountering the Succubus, they betray and “humiliate” her, leaving her with the goal of getting revenge.

The game will see players embody the Succubus as she makes due with Hell’s most nefarious devices while seeking out vengeance against Baphomet.

To help give gamers an idea of what to expect from the gameplay mechanics, locations, and the main character, Madmind opened up a Twitter account featuring Vydija.

They don’t have a release date set for the game yet but it is set to launch on Steam. Hopefully they do so without tripping over themselves like what happened with the release of Agony.

You can either follow along on the Twitter account (while it’s still active) to keep up to date on new developments for the game or you can wishlist Succubus over on the Steam store.


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