Vambrace: Cold Soul Cheats Let You Remove Horror, Increase Stats, Infinite Money
Vambrace Cold Soul Cheats

Devespresso Games, Headup, and WhisperGames’ Vambrace: Cold Soul has been a long awaited treat for gamers who enjoyed the darkly Gothic mind-meld of Red Hook’s Darkest Dungeon but wanted something more waifu-friendly when it comes to their RPG needs. For gamers who have taken up the cruel task of gathering mercenaries and attempting to save a land from an encroaching evil, there may be a way to lessen the burden via the helpmeet known as cheats.

There’s a selection of free and premium cheats available for download from over on

The Vambrace cheats offer you the following options:

  • No horror
  • +50 Capacity
  • -10 Capacity
  • Max horror
  • Infinite vigor
  • +1 Awareness
  • -1 Awareness
  • +1 Charm
  • -1 Charm
  • +1 Combat
  • -1 Combat
  • +1 Overwatch
  • -1 Overwatch
  • +1 Sleight
  • -1 Sleight
  • Godmode
  • Infinite Energy

So a couple of things first and foremost. The stat cheats only work if you first open up the character selection menu and then select the character and then proceed to use the trainer to affect the corresponding stat.

Also, the max horror cheat is only for hardcore players who want to significantly raise the difficulty of the game, otherwise most other players will probably want to reduce the horror. In fact, the max horror cheat is the one cheat you won’t ever find a single living game journalist activate because they couldn’t be paid to beat a game on the hardest difficulty setting. Heck, they already do get paid to beat games on the hardest difficulty setting and still can’t do it without cheating. But I digress.

Vambrace Cold Soul - Lingerie

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download but it’s a premium trainer. If you want to get your hands on it you can do so by visiting

The Vambrace: Cold Soul cheat trainer offers up the following selection of options:

  • Reset Horror Gauge
  • Monsters Don’t Attack
  • Current HP
  • HP Max
  • Current Vigor
  • Vigor Max
  • Combat Stat
  • Sleight Stat
  • Merchantry Stat
  • Awareness Stat
  • Overwatch Stat
  • Max Inventory Capacity
  • Current Flourish Meter
  • Max Flourish Meter
  • Current Hellion Currency
  • Current Amount of Selected Inventory Item

The trainer is missing the god mode, but it does have a max HP option, so that makes up for it. There’s also the option of making it where the monsters don’t attack, so you won’t really need a god mode activated if the monsters aren’t doing any damage. Beyond that there isn’t much else to the trainers and you basically pop ’em open and make use of the options available to you.

Vambrace Cold Soul - Tights And Ice Picks

As for Vambrace: Cold Soul, the game is a Gothic dark-fantasy RPG where you take control of Evelia Lyric, the only human capable of donning the Aetherbrace, a special relic that allows the bearer to enter into Icenaire. Evelia is tasked with gathering a party of the bravest and most dangerous mercenaries in order to stop the King of Shades and his ever-growing cursed army from completely overthrowing the land of man with a frost fall.

The game isn’t receiving the most positive of review scores due mostly to poor balancing and a mish-mash of mechanics that are punishing in ways that many players don’t understand, such as limiting all the classes to just two skills that can’t be leveled, or the inability to manage your inventory outside of campfires.

There’s a litany of issues that games have with Vambrace, which is why both the user reviews and the critic review scores are about half and half.

However, it’s not all ice cold luck and badly brewed stew. Many reviewers and gamers note that Devespresso has a gem on their hand that just needs a bit of polish and spit shine. They are planning on producing more post-launch content, including a New Game+, so maybe additional patches will address those concerns?

According to the dev post about the New Game+, they do note that they’re listening to feedback and will be addressing issues that the community brings up, stating…

“The important point is that we’re LISTENING. I can’t emphasize how important the community’s feedback is. It has been absolutely essential in helping us bring Vambrace closer to the best version of itself that it could possibly be. Step by step, we’ll get there.


“Your insight is super valuable. We appreciate the efforts of those who continue to notify us of any oversights we’ve made (bugs, broken text, etc.). We’ll do our best to patch those up ASAP.”

The game definitely has a lot of potential, and the art-style and design of the characters has received almost universal praise. Plus the main heroine is hot and you can outfit her in red lingerie, so that’s a huge rarity in today’s ultra-cucked society where a lot of developers from the West make their chicks look like dudes, and purposefully give them huge jaws and ugly clothes with tiny boobs. Just pure dick-punishing ugliness. So Devespresso definitely deserves props for making some hot waifu-bait in their game.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is currently available over on the Steam store for $24.99.


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