Vice News Tonight Canceled By HBO

Anti-#GamerGate outlet, Vice Media, rode the anti-gamer train hard. They aggressively went after gamers, misrepresented the consumer revolt, and ended up with half a dozen employees and journalists making the SJW sexual misconduct master list. Well, the bad news keeps rolling in for Vice Media, because after they had to lay off 10% of their workforce back in February, reports are now coming in that HBO has canceled the Vice News Tonight show.

The Hill is reporting that the show only averaged around 600,000 viewers, and that HBO decided to pull the plug on the news program. Vice Media CEO Nancy Duboc sent out an e-mail to Vice staff explaining that HBO had canceled the program. The Hill shared an image of the e-mail, but the relevant part reads…

“[…] a lot of the leadership and content strategy changes over at HBO, they’ve made the decision not to renew Vice News Tonight. It’s been a great seven-year partnership that began with Shane’s vision and ability to make transformative deals, allowing us to be the most Emmy-awarded and youngest nightly news broadcast available today. VICE News is a pillar of this company – one of growing significance and power to the VICE brand. A daily VICE News show will continue and I’ll be able to share with you all the details in the coming weeks. As one of the most trusted places for news for people under the age of 35, the world needs VICE News more than ever and we’re dedicated to ensuring more people around the world have access.”

YouTuber Tim Pool was quick to rip into Vice and other traditional media outlets for their continued failure at retaining an audience… and revenue.

The Hill also reported that Josh Tyrangiel would also be leaving the company at the end of the month, transitioning into a consulting role for Vice.

Tyrangiel wrote a letter to Vice Media’s staff, keeping it fairly straight and to the point, writing…

“You guys know how much I hate burying the lede so I’ll get straight to it: I’ll be leaving Vice at the end of the month.

“It’s been nearly four incredible years of harrowing challenges and huge highs. Thousands of stories, podcasts, series-launches, feature-docs, specials, nearly six hundred episodes of Vice News Tonight, and countless memories. Vice News is more than just good. Our crowded shelves–– 15 Emmy noms, five wins, a Peabody, and many, many more plaques and shiny objects–– prove that. It’s an actual joy. We knit together the youngest audience in news with prestigious storytelling like no one else in media. And I’m especially proud to have played a role in the creation of the most diverse, dedicated, and just plain kind newsroom in the business. I’ve loved every minute of it, but the minutes add up, and I could use a break before contemplating my next thing.”

It looks like a lot of the traditional Left-wing media outlets are falling in over themselves now that the money is running out and the ratings are tanking. It’s also funny because Vice is only being propped up by this point by ideologically-driven investors, such as George Soros, who was one of several investors who dumped $250 million back into the company to keep it alive following another set of lay-offs and some of Vice’s other brands being folded into the main Vice site.

These propagandists are basically bleeding everyone else’s money while failing to stay relevant. HBO seems to actually value money over subversion, though, and decided to cut their losses by severing ties with Vice Media.

That means that the Vice News Tonight has found itself making a one way trip to the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List.


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