Vox Blames 4chan And “Trolls” For The Popularity Of Tulsi Gabbard And Andrew Yang
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Anyone who doesn’t like the hand-picked prodigy of the “Progressive” agenda is either a troll or an agent of that mysterious place known as 4chan, obviously named after that elusive Chinese hacker Phur Chan. Well, that’s the story according to Vox, who blamed the popularity of Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang on trolls and imageboard shenanigans.

The article was published on June 28th, 2019. It references a makeshift poll from the Drudge Report asking users who they favored over the two-night Democratic debate that paves the road for the Primaries next year. During the first night it was Tulsi Gabbard who ran away with the poll results, to which Vox pinned the blame on 4chan, with Aaron Rupar writing…

“Online trolls worked, with apparent success, to skew post-Democratic debate online polls in favor of dark-horse candidates such as Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang — and in a number of instances, major news outlets took the bait.


“Gabbard won a Drudge Report poll conducted after Wednesday’s debate by nearly a 3-1 margin over the second-place finisher, Elizabeth Warren. NBC’s Ben Collins and Ben Popken reported that the result was fueled by posters on 4chan, an online forum known for racism and misogyny, who linked to a number of online polls, including Drudge, and asked fellow users to “GIVE HER YOUR POWER.””

The second paragraph contains a bigger oxymoron than NBC News’ headline “A pregnant man’s tragedy tests gender notions”.

Anyway, Vox claims 4chan is a den of racism and misogyny yet it’s also responsible for Tulsi Gabbard winning the Drudge Report’s poll? …What? So they’re racist misogynists who wanted a Samoan-American woman to win the poll? …What?

Vox also blamed “trolls” for Andrew Yang’s impressive showing on the Drudge Report’s poll, with Rupar writing…

“Trolls were up to similar shenanigans last night, according to Ali Breland of Mother Jones. Despite speaking less than any other candidate on stage, Yang — with help from the 4chan message board /pol/ — won the Drudge poll by a more than 2-1 margin over second-place finisher Marianne Williamson, a fellow dark horse who mainly made an impression thanks to her unusual brand of endearing bizarreness.


“Yang’s Drudge poll victory came in spite of his admission on Twitter that he didn’t think the debate went particularly well for him — a contrast that says something about how meaningful the poll is.”

They point to Yang’s tweets where he admits he didn’t get much airtime and was also allegedly the victim of some microphone shenanigans.

Yang’s claim that the microphone cut off, preventing him from being able to speak up during the second night of debates was also covered by various other non-propagandist outlets and independent journalists, such as Tim Pool, who did a video on the incident shortly after it occurred.

Vox, nonetheless, sums up the Drudge Report’s polls as flukes by 4chan, writing…

“Winning polls like Drudge’s can’t hurt their causes. But ultimately, those victories are only meaningful if they translate to fundraising and support that goes beyond 4chan.”

This kind of disconnect couldn’t have been further from the actual truth, which was made quite evident on Vox’s tweet for the article, where it was hit with an uneven ratio of comments to likes, showing that more people disagreed with their assessment than agreed with it.

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This kind of bending of the truth was a common tactic that Vox et al used back during the #GamerGate saga, where they convinced a large portion of the populace that the movement for better ethics in media journalism was about “misogyny” and “harassment”, a narrative that was debunked by an FBI report that indicated that there was never any actionable evidence indicating that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

This time around the laymen didn’t lie down and swallow the spin.

Plenty of normal citizens also spoke up to correct Vox on their estimate that the people voting for Yang and Gubbard in the Drudge Report polls were “trolls”.

It’s interesting that many of the responses to Vox’s tweet garnered more likes than Vox’s tweet itself, showing that people really are tired of the corrupt narrative being pushed by corporate media and mainstream propagandists.

However, people will have to take these kind of heated responses to the actual polls if they want to see change made. While the Regressive Left are actively attempting to sabotage the vote and rig the elections – as admitted to by Google – the average voter will have to work extra hard to make their voice heard through a very thick cloud of corruption. We’ll see if the pushback from the grassroots voters will make a difference come September for the next round of Democratic debates.

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