Weekly Recap June 1st: ANN Vs Hero Hei, Captain Marvel Copyright Woes, Journo Seeks Censorship
Weekly Recap

What an action packed week. The final week of May did not go into the night quietly, nor did it slink into a dark corner and wither away whimpering. Instead, we saw a conflagration of epic showdowns, more censorship, classic games making a return to form, some SJWs getting woke and going broke, and some odd lawsuit news.

So one of the most talked about news items this week was Anime News Network versus YouTuber Hero Hei, which played out online like a classic anime battle where the loud-mouthed villain was bested by the awkward, shy protagonist. And speaking of villains, Disney targeted a bunch of YouTubers who criticized their flat-back heroine in a scuba-suit, handing out copyright claims like pedophiles hand out free candy from a windowless white van. And shortly after Activision revealed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a journalist from VentureBeat went on the prowl advocating publicly for the game to be censored.

These ridiculous stories and more in this June 1st, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Japan’s Migrant Crisis

Japan is facing a potential migrant crisis thanks to their new immigration policy that will see a flood of hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers piling into the country. The media is praising the initiative, however, as it’s part of the globalists’ agenda to deconstruct culturally homogeneous societies. The classic fighting game from Psikyo, The Fallen Angels, will be making a return to home consoles and arcades thanks to City Connection. An uncensored sex sim called Sex Motel basically pulled a bait-and-switch, originally billing itself as a safe for work title only to reveal that it’s actually an R18+ sex romp. Even though we all thought that Travis Strikes Again was a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it turns out that it’s not. The game will be arriving for the PS4 and PC. And fans are worried about Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled because Beenox purposefully removed the trophy girls, and now gamers are yelling out “Censorship!”.


World Health Organization Removes Transgenderism From Disorder List

So they decided to add video game disorder to the ICD-11 index but remove transgenderism from the disorder list? That’s a peak Clown World move from the World Health Organization right there. On the upside, some trolls from the chans flooded Artifact’s Twitch channel and pumped it up with the Christchurch shooter stream, along with movies and meme videos, giving the mods at Twitch a real headache in trying to disable and take down all the streams. Salon has also lost 95% of its valuation, bringing the price of the website down to just $5 million after it was worth at one point $107 million. It’s crazy that they lost so much over such a short period of time. Google has shut down the YouTube Gaming App and the web portal this week. And speaking of Google… the Coffee Break channel revealed that YouTube purposefully trends mainstream news media, showcasing a strict bias in favor of channels that push the mainstream agenda.


Hero Hei Overcomes The Copyright Dragon At Anime News Network

A heroic and triumphant bit of news came out of this week in the form of YouTuber Hero Hei managing to overcome the copyright dragon from Anime News Network, where the organization attempted to use the copyright strike to not only bring about financial ruin to the YouTuber but also attempt to get him doxed. Also, more good news inbound (a rarity, I know) but Studio FOW is looking for some good moaners to voice their sexy female characters and some of their dudes in the upcoming Subverse. If you have the vocal chops to tap into your inner porn star, be sure to check out the link for more details. All 10 of the games featured in the Contra Anniversary pack have finally been revealed, and it contains some of the classics and fan-favorites all bundled in together for one solid price. And Twitter finally did it… they killed journalist Nick Monroe’s account… permanently.


Death Stranding Release Date Revealed

I was almost positive that Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding would be delayed until the PS5 launched, making it a cross-generational title. However, Kojima and the crew revealed that the game would be ripe and ready for release by November 8th for the PlayStation 4. And speaking of PlayStation… the Australian Consumer Protection agency has targeted Sony for their unfair practices regarding refunds and repairs. 3D Realms is also prepping to do battle against Iron Maiden after the legendary rock group sued them for trademark infringement with the first-person retro shooter, Ion Maiden. Nutaku decided to enter into the fray and compete with Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG Galaxy by releasing a new desktop client. Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass is actually coming to PC. And Twitter permanently suspended a researcher for exposing the ties between national news level journalists and the domestic terror group Antifa. The newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be a “diverse” re-imagining of the old 2007 first-person shooter.


Disney Copyright Blocks YouTubers Critical Of Captain Flat-Butt

Brie Larson can dish it out but she sure as heck can’t take it. The thespian who assumes the role of Captain Marvel has been getting pelted by YouTubers for a deleted scene from the eponymous movie that looks a lot like misandry on display, but the House of the Mouse wasn’t having any of it, and struck down those YouTubers like Alabama struck down those gay rats. Kotaku UK’s Laura Kate Dale is no longer working at the blog-tier outlet. One day, many more to go. Crunchyroll has stated that they won’t be censoring Magical Sempai, the upcoming fan-service heavy anime, but they state that the content creators might censor it. Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat openly called for the censorship of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because it was too much for him to handle. Anime News Network got extra salta over Hero Hei one-upping them, resulting in them threatening him via tweet. And for everyone out there afraid of ending up with a thot in their life, don’t worry… there’s a new app out there that will let you weed out the riff raff thanks to a thot-themed radar that checks if the girl is actually a righty or a roastie.


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