Weekly Recap June 22nd: Tifa’s Boobs, Sarkeesian’s Broke, Cyberpunk 2077, Niche Gamer Vs SJWs
Weekly Recap

There was so much craziness that happened in the penultimate week of June that the headline of this week’s recap is bursting at the seams like Ariel Winter in a one-size-too-small halter top.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Mike Pondsmith took time out from consulting to lay the smack down on SJWs, while SJWs took time out to attempt to get Niche Gamer blacklisted. Square Enix revealed that an ethics department forced them to constrict Tifa’s boobs so there was no possibility of implementing boob physics. Anita Sarkeesian, the queen of cultural constipation, is literally going broke. And there’s like tons of censorship news, a new bill to pummel Silicon’s ideological bent into a pulp, and some news about Xbox’s next step in wokeness, while Netflix attempts to invade Japan. Plus, there’s more butthurt from SJW’s this week than a James Charles week-long rodeo riding black bulls at the Chip & Dales cowboys-only ranch.

These stories and more in this June 22nd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Anita Sarkeesian Tries To Prostitute Herself To CD Projekt Red

Most people have always known that the CIA and FBI lurk the chans, but now there’s legitimate proof revealing that the FBI really do use 8chan, and not only that they also attempt to incriminate posters with honeypots and bait. The reason Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t have all 1,000 Pokemon is because making all of them would be too hard. An overhaul to the Steam library is set to go live soon, with most people expecting it to take place in the coming weeks ahead of the Steam sale. The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons books could end up taking a dive for the worse now that the designers and writers have been lured into using a racist SJW Tumblr blog an outline for character development. And Anita Sarkeesian is struggling to pay her bills and is trying to extort CD Projekt Red into paying for her services.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Fan Art Gets Roasted By Racist SJWs

Some SJWs didn’t think the fan art from a Japanese artist for the new character Nessa was “black” enough. Well, some of the more normal denizens of the internet had to slip in and stand up for the Japanese artist to defend her honor and keep the SJWs at bay. Twitch filed a lawsuit against the memers who dropped into the Artifact channel to stream the Christchurch shooting because Valve’s card game is basically dead. Twitch felt the trolls and memers were “trespassing” on their digital lawn. Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith decided to put SJWs in their place by dropping some mean truth bombs on them. And Elon Musk was in the news again, this time for some sexy 2B art that wasn’t credited, which resulted in a firestorm of controversy that ended with Musk deleting the tweet after he declared that crediting artists was destroying Twitter.


Square Enix Had Tifa’s Boobs Restricted In Final Fantays VII Remake

The ethics department at Square Enix had Tetsuya Nomura restrict Tifa’s boobs in Final Fantasy VII Remake so she didn’t have bouncing physics like in real life. Bernie Sanders has set his sights on video games and is trying to help enforce unionization. Philip Ars from New Zealand was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for sharing the Christchurch video and asking for it to be turned into a meme. Yes, memes are now illegal. Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis has said that Donald Trump and his supporters are all about racism and that Republicans can’t be real Star Trek fans. Yes, the TDS is strong with this one. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is said to be a mix of Metroid Prime and Dark Souls. And ITV has banned all-male writing teams from shows that they commission on the network. They’re now enforcing 50/50 gender divides in the writing rooms.


Big Tech Is About To Get Raped By A New Bill

Facebook has a new cryptocurrency called Libra in the works that’s due out in 2020. They’ve even partnered with Mastercard and PayPal. The new Shai class in Black Desert Online was censored with pajamas. Senator Hawley has a new bill proposing the erasure of immunity for politically biased internet service platforms. There’s a brand new Sonic game in the works due out in 2021. Black Desert Online‘s latest loli class didn’t even last a month before Kakao Games censored the Shai class by throwing them on some pajamas that can’t be removed. EA’s Kerry Hopkins also tried defending loot boxes, saying that they’re actually “surprise mechanics” instead of trying to label it as gambling mechanics.


One Punch Man’s Blackluster Triggers The Fragile Hearts Of SJWs

Even though it’s riddled with the convergence of SJWism, Mortal Kombat 11 still managed to top the charts in the U.S., in May. Blackluster in One Punch Man managed to trigger SJWs to no end, causing them to claim that the character was racist for being too dark. Even though Shoe0nHead came to the aid of the gay rats, YouTube’s algorithm couldn’t determine friend from foe, and they nuked her video about the gay rats in one fell swoop. After a lot of begging and pleading with YouTube, they finally restored the video. Some SJWs also came after Niche Gamer, seeking to get the website blacklisted all because they committed the very cardinal sin of (checks notes) praising a game developer for making a good game. And super good news, Spike Chunsoft’s AI: The Somnium Files will be releasing uncensored in the West on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s odd that we report on games that release uncensored, but it’s happening.


Microsoft Abandons Free Speech For Xbox Live

Phil Spencer has betrayed what remnants of men were left hoping and praying that Xbox would be a competitive market force in the console wars. He outright stated that Xbox Live was not a free speech platform, adopting more of the Regressive Left’s authoritarianism, and furthering our descent into the madness of Clown World. FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin’s upcoming action-RPG Elden Ring will have a character creator built in. Opposite of that good news is The Coalition confirming that Gears 5 will have loot boxes disguised as supply boxes. Gaming’s worst nightmare, Anita Sarkeesian, is going broke. The wicked witch of the West is practically out of money, meaning that in order to make ends meet she’ll either have to turn to e-begging professionally, criminal larceny, or porn. And speaking of going broke, DC Comics’ Vertigo line got woke and went broke and now it’s shutting down in 2020. And in too scary to be true news, Netflix has teamed up with a French university to send paid graduates to Japan to work on anime, and they’re starting a scholarship in September, 2019 to start immigrating African students in preparation to give them a full scholarship so that they, too, can make their way to Japan to work on anime. That’s right, boys, Netflix is infiltrating the last bastion of cultural freedom.


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