Weekly Recap June 29th: Google Election Fraud, Vimeo Censorship, Square’s Ethics Department
Weekly Recap

A Google executive was caught on camera admitting to priming the algorithm to commit election fraud in 2020 to prevent President Donald Trump from being re-elected. Google’s response? They decided to censor the video from being on YouTube.

The video was also hosted on Vimeo, but they too engaged in censorship by outright banning Project Veritas’ account in order to protect Google. Reddit joined in by also banning Project Veritas’ account and by quarantining The_Donald sub-reddit.

The censorship didn’t start or stop this week with big tech. There were other games that were banned or censored throughout the week as well, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, where it was revealed Tifa’s boobs had to be restricted via a directive handed down by Square’s Ethics Department. Thankfully, Team Ninja came in for the save by restoring Tifa’s boobs and adding some jiggle with her appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

All these crazy stories and more in this June 29th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Square Enix Ethics Department Is Gamers’ Worst Nightmare

So we finally learned more about the Square Enix Ethics Department, and it’s not good news. They’re essentially a secondary step between games and the ratings board, forcing developers to censor content before the ratings board even gets to the game. It’s like a pre-censorship committee. In more not-so-good news, the knitting community Ravelry has banned users from openly supporting President Donald Trump. There is some good news in the form of modders releasing a fix for the Million Arthur: Arcana Blood censorship that plagued the Steam release. Both Men in Black: International and the Shaft sequel died at the box office, as recounted by TheQuartering, proving people weren’t fond of either franchise getting woke. Oh, and Twitter temporarily suspended a user for saying “pedos aren’t the good guys”, as captured by Toumak back on June 15th, 2019.


Google Gets Caught With Their Pants Down And Their Tiny Dick Hanging Out

It finally happened. The equivalent of a politician caught in a kid’s bathroom waggling their wang in front of little Wendy has happened to Google. Yes, Google. They got caught, exposed, and outed for manipulating the search results, censoring content, and suppressing websites that don’t align with their views. It isn’t just a takedown it’s a bodyslam and a leg drop all in one take, and even a Congressman came out and said that Google needs to be stripped of immunity and hit with a class-action lawsuit. Google didn’t take their ram-rodding lying down, though, they fired back by censoring the videos while Reddit suspended Project Veritas’ account. In more lighthearted news, there’s an app for modded Switches that can turn them into Android devices. Blizzard is working on a new unannounced Diablo game, and the Daily Caller is one of the few outlets willing to expose the racially motivated violence sweeping through South Africa.


Bloodstained Gets Stained With Poor Feedback On Switch Due To Lazy Porting

ArtPlay and 505 tried to pull a fast one with the Switch version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and they got caught with their dicks in the cake, and piss all over their face. However, after getting called out for their malfeasance, they opted to announce that they would be fixing the game up and patching the Switch version. More leaks reveal that Google is looking to censor people that they classify as “Nazis”. Nintendo opened up a new official store in…Israel?. Cryptic Studios censored the Dixie horn emote in Star Trek Online after complaints from snowflakes saying it was racist. And Games Done Quick introduced their brand new, non-binary mascot… “Velocity”. Not only that, they gave their hideous new animal without an attitude some stupid-arse pronouns.


Reddit Quarantines The_Donald

The big talk of the town for this week regarding Final Fantasy has been Team Ninja’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, where the director of the game specifically acknowledged that Tifa’s boobs were made to jiggle, boys. It’s a huge breath of fresh air compared to that Ethics Department nonsense that Tetsuya Nomura rolled out for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Glen Schofield from Sledgehammer Games has moved on to form Striking Distance, a new development studio working on a new game set within the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe. The other big news is that Reddit has quarantined /r/The_Donald/ right during the Democratic debate, throwing down a gauntlet of censorship. According to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, the only way to compete with Steam is to nab exclusives, so that’s exactly what they’re doing for the Epic Games Store.


Thotty Gets Tossed By Razer

If you think you’re invincible because you have ovaries tucked into your belly, think again. Razer aced a hotty-thotty from their influencer line-up when she said “men are trash”. Good luck on the street corner, girlie. Nintendo has double-down on NOT censoring third-party games, claiming that it’s up to third-parties to choose how they create their titles and ratings boards to do their jobs, not platform holders. The Straight Pride parade is one step closer to becoming a reality, as the Boston officials have given it the go-ahead for the August 31st event. Senator Bernie Sanders is now on Twitch, b!tch. And Vimeo has banned Project Veritas account because they uploaded their undercover investigation video outing Google as being a censorship-laden publisher instead of a non-partisan platform.


Final Fantasy XIV Is Being Turned Into A TV Show

Prepare for race-swapped races and “diversity” hires filling up the casting call for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV live-action TV show, which has connections to the same group behind Netflix’s live-action The Witcher series. YouTube is still going on its censorship spree, this time demonetizing Clownfish TV videos as well as Mortal Kombat 11 channels such as unCAGEDgamez, whose entire channel has almost been completely demonetized. Another YouTuber going by the name of Modded Warfare was also hit with YouTube’s opaque moderation, this time receiving two community strikes at the behest of Nintendo, which caused him to stop doing videos on modding Nintendo hardware. Twitter is also escalating their censorship policies as well, this time they’re literally targeting government officials with a shadow ban policy that will prevent certain tweets from publicly elected officials from appearing. And Marvel is moving forward with their “diversity” just as they said they would, this time with an open transgender actor who advocated for more “intersectionality” representation in the MCU, so strap on boys… Marvel is about to get woke… and go broke.


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