Weekly Recap June 8: VoxAdpocalypse Vs YouTubers, Anime’s Unlikely Allies, Straight Pride Parade
Weekly Recap

This was one wild week of news. Carlos Maza from Vox helped initiate the VoxAdpocalypse, which ruined the revenue of a bunch of YouTubers and resulted in other YouTubers having their channels completely terminated.

Thankfully not all YouTubers are pushovers, and some of them have decided to fight back, with Keemstar leading 100 top content creators from the platform in a fight to strip the mainstream media of their advertising.

The United Nations was also dealt a major blow by Japan, the U.S., and Austria, all three of whom decided to push back against the multi-national organization’s bid to ban anime. And there was some serious triggering and spaghetti spilling by the Social Justice Warriors over the upcoming Straight Pride Parade. These hair-raising stories and more in this June 8th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

CBC Champions Fake News

Operation Canadian Bacon II is still underway, as the fake Frenchies will attempt to defund the CBC for spending years broadcasting and defending fake news. They recently ran a hit-piece on #GamerGate and Overwatch and then lied about why they did it. And keeping in tradition with the “SJWs always lie” aphorism, some SJWs took Chris Avellone’s statements out of context regarding being apolitical with the creation of his games, and decided to smear the legendary writer for his opinions. The all digital future isn’t looking all that bright, as Minecraft: Story Mode is being delisted from digital distributors on June 25th and not even current owners will be able to re-download it. Google has updated its policies on loot boxes by forcing developers to expose the odds of earning certain items. And GameStop inadvertently leaked and teased 21 unannounced games due out for the Nintendo Switch… soon.


U.N. Gets BTFO By Austria, Japan, U.S. For Wanting To Ban Anime

The United Nations’ proposal to ban anime in an attempt to protect the kiddies hit a huge roadblock in the form of comic book organizations, Japanese culture committees, and even several nation States, including Japan, Austria and even the United States, all of whom blasted the United Nations in the arse with facts harder than a U.N. Peacekeeper at a refugee camp blasting some poor Ethiopian kid in his pooper shooter. Shenmue has been delayed all the way to November 19th this fall for the PS4 and PC. There’s a test that’s been made public by academics to see if you meet the WHO’s nebulous standard for exhibiting a “gaming disorder”, but most people report that the test is socially engineered with a specific agenda in mind. My Hero Academia censored Momo’s boob window during the Philippines television airing, even though it was rated TV-PG. Eurogamer’s Paul Watson got found out for running a side-business of allegedly selling bootleg Super Mario 64 soundtracks to people, but when his business was discovered he locked down all his accounts.


Straight Pride Parade Is Triggering SJWs Like Crazy

It’s happened, the next adpocalypse is doing more raping of YouTuber monetization than grooming gangs in the U.K., and Sweden… combined. Yes, that’s a heck of a lot of raping going on, but it’s happening right in the butthole of your Adsense bank account, and it all kicked off due to a literal gay cuckold at Vox. Despite all the bad news there are some highlights as well, including NieR: Automata selling 4 million copies worldwide or some Boston chaps creating the Straight Pride Parade, which triggered SJWs something fierce in their hemorrhoid-filled heinies. Also, both Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation and Dragon Star Varnir are coming to Steam… uncensored. And God of War’s Kratos got caught in a row when David Jaffe joked about making him bisexual, only for it to backfire in epic fashion and create the kind of drama Keemstar could only dream of.


More YouTubers Raped by Demonetization

It’s like Cologne, Germany all over again, only instead of hot chicks getting ram-rodded by evil Muslims, it’s journalists raping the advertising shekels out of the pockets of YouTubers. Electronic music artist Xurious had his channel terminated by YouTube for “hate speech”, while TheQuartering lost a handful of advertisers due to a CNET journalist specifically targeting his content to get them to pull out like a basketball player trying to avoid getting a Kardashian pregnant for fear of getting hit with child support. Even more than that completely innocuous channels like Streamlabs also got hit by YouTube’s termination banhammer, and they don’t even produce political content! On the flip side of the news, people who hate freedom and don’t enjoy their rights can look forward to Google Stadia dropping later this year at a not-so-affordable price.


Keemstar Leads YouTube Rebellion Against Low-Down Dirty Scumbag Journalists

The Culture War just got interesting, boys. The mean munchkin, the garrulous gnome, the toxic teamster known as Keemstar is leading 100 of the top YouTubers against mainstream media, looking to get them demonetized in the same way that corrupt journalists have targeted YouTubers. If the operation is successful, those journo-cucks will be broke and homeless on the street suckling down crusty dick for five cents a facial, washing their raggedy clothes in the diarrhea-filled aqueducts of L.A., and digging through maggot-filled dumpsters of Burger King for scraps of their ulcer-inducing “Woke” burgers. It’s a moment of victory that can’t come soon enough, mein freunds.

And speaking of sucking schlong… Ars Technica journalist Peter “Dr. Pizza” Bright is going to be doing a lot of that while in prison after being arrested by the FBI for wanting to diddle real life kiddies. Xbox further falls down the nasty pipe of covergence with the upcoming Bleeding Edge, an SJW-laced 4-vs-4 melee brawler with an obese, disabled, pink-hard, lard-arse named Buttercup. A remake for Destroy All Humans is coming. The brand director for Rainbow Six says the single-player experience for the franchise “is dead”. And you can grab the One Angry Gamer mobile app right now from the Google Play store.


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