Welcome To Paradise, VR Sex Sim Launches Uncensored On Steam

Welcome to Paradise

The WTP Studio released their adult-themed VR adventure game onto Steam called Welcome To Paradise. The game is currently available for $11.99 over on the Steam store, but you can get it for 10% off the normal purchasing price during the first week of being on sale.

Apparently since the game is a Western made title Valve decided to give it the green light, but I’m pretty sure if this were an anime game it would have been banned like so many others on the Waifu Holocaust list.

Anyway, the game itself is a first-person adventure title, mixing in exploration and questing with hardcore romp-rumping through a tropical paradise. There’s a NSFW launch trailer for Welcome To Paradise that you can check out below to get an idea of what you’ll find in the game.

Surprisingly enough, there actually does seem to be some gameplay elements outside of banging brunettes, humping redheads, tagging tanned chicks, and even giving some of the old slippery hotdog diet to a mermaid.

In the trailer we see the player climbing up obstacles, zip-lining to a boat, scaling mountains, and even uncovering some ancient magic by collecting magical orbs that will take you to the aforementioned mermaid in a cave.

The game is supposedly designed for relaxation purposes, so it’s not like you have to worry about losing your life, failing a mission, or tanking a quest. It’s basically like many of those other sex sims on Steam only this time around there’s some sort of goal-oriented structure to the accomplishments in the game… assuming you want to consider them accomplishments.

The user reviews – of which there are just a few – aren’t entirely keen on the offerings in Welcome To Paradise and have suggested that gamers check out Mandy’s Room or Paradise Gentlemen’s Club instead.

If you have a VR headset like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or the Windows Mixed Reality sets and you’re absolutely starved for some lewd games for your VR setup then maybe you can give the game a try, but it sounds like there are better options out there.

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