X-Men: Dark Phoenix Bombs At Box Office, On Target To Make The Get Woke; Go Broke List

X-Men Dark Phoenix

It was obvious that something was off with Simon Kinberg’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The writer and director wasn’t at the forefront of his picture like Paul Feig was during the promotion of the 2016 Ghostbusters picture, where Feig drove potential moviegoers away by complaining about misogyny and sexism, but Kinberg’s vision for the film seeped through with the lackluster trailers and the “woke” ridden movie clips that tipped audiences off to his converged take on Dark Phoenix. This resulted in poor user reviews, poor critic reviews, and uninspired storytelling, leading to X-Men: Dark Phoenix bombing out of the gate.

Deadline is reporting that X-Men: Dark Phoenix opened with an appalling $33 million over the weekend in North America, with a global intake of just $140 million, the lowest out of all of the most recent X-Men features.

It was estimated that the production budget, combined with the marketing, and re-shoots, put the total expense at over $350 million. The total top-end of the projected box office intake is $325 million if it continues at its current clip, but even that isn’t guaranteed given that the movie underperformed in China where the returns were below expectations at only $45.7 million. The site is also reporting that analysts peg the movie as being on pace to potentially lose up to $120 million out of its theatrical run if it continues to bomb in theaters the way that it has.

Overall, analyst projections don’t look good for Dark Phoenix, and given that the biggest marketing push for the movie during its week of release was a clip of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique giving Professor Xavier a lecture about how strong the women were and how they should rename the team to “X-Women”, it left a real sour taste in the mouths of potential audiences during the opening weekend. You can see the clip below.

The movie began trending after the clip was released, and despite the lip-service to the Social Justice crowd, the movie still got hit with negative reviews from Left-wing critics.

Now Deadline rambles on for a long while about all the possible reasons why the film bombed, why it was delayed, why it could have done better, why Kinberg didn’t quite deliver, and how it could have performed better, but at the end of the day the last big marketing push from Fox for their final X-Men outing was a woke clip about replacing the X-Men with X-Women. So it lets you know where the marketing team’s mind was focused and what sort of audience they were aiming for leading up to release.

But we don’t care about the minutiae around these parts, just the fact that the film decided to get woke and now it’s bombing at the box office so it’s on target to go broke.

Do you know what that means? It means that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is on target to make it on the Get Woke; Go Broke – Master List.

(Thanks for the news tip Skullomaniac)