YouTube Censors Tim Pool Video About Pinterest Censoring Conservatives Due To “Privacy Violation”
Tim Pool Censored

Journalist and YouTube vlogger Tim Pool has been caught up in a wave of increasing censorship taking place on YouTube lately. This time it involved a video he did about the Pinterest censorship involving Conservatives and the site Live Action, which is a pro-life organization. However, YouTube removed the video due to what they reasoned was a “privacy claim”.

Typically news information is protected under fair use (but that usually has to be argued in court) but in this case the issue had to do with what the tech platforms are calling a privacy matter. Following on the news that Project Veritas was temporarily suspended for reporting on the Pinterest censorship, Tim Pool was also hit with a similar charge after he posted a video about the censorship on YouTube. He revealed the censorship via a tweet on June 14th, 2019. The chain also included a shout out to YouTube on Twitter for tech support.

After hours of waiting for a response, Team YouTube finally gave Pool an update on why the video was removed and how it violated their policy on privacy data, claiming that his video contained a “privacy violation”.

Pool responded stating that everything in his video is publicly available, and there is no “privacy violation”. The response came late on the evening of June 14th, 2019.

If you attempt to watch the video on YouTube you’re met with the following message: “This video is no longer available due to privacy claim by a third party.”

So how exactly did the video violate the privacy of Pinterest? Well, apparently it’s because Project Veritas delved into conversations that took place between Pinterest employees where they revealed ideological biases being applied against certain kind of figures and their userbase on the platform. Essentially, the censorship was motivated by sociopolitical leanings rather than objective terms of service violations. Putting this information out there means that big tech platforms like Pinterest indeed are censoring people based on what they believe and are using their platforms for publishing content (or restricting the publishing of certain kinds of content) rather than simply allowing people to use the platform within the reasonable means of service. In a way, this should restrict their Safe Harbor protections as part of the Communications Act, since they’re selectively picking and choosing what to display and why.

Even though Pool’s video on YouTube was taken down, he did manage to re-upload it to

What’s more is that he points out that it’s not just Conservatives being targeted but those on the Left that are anti-war as well.

As showcased in the video, though, Pool never releases any private information at all other than the list of sites that were on Pinterest’s “porn block” list, which also included websites that weren’t pornographic in nature. He also covers the information from Project Veritas that has been made available to the public at large on their website, none of which includes personal identifying information or what some might consider to be a dox.

Even still, just exposing Pinterest’s list of censored sites – some of which included Conservative websites like PJ Media and Zero Hedge, neither which host porn – was enough to get Twitter to temporarily suspend Project Veritas and for YouTube to censor Tim Pool.

So far Team YouTube on Twitter have acknowledgeed that they won’t restore his video, and the censorship continues to escalate in order to protect the interest of the Regressive Left.

(Thanks for the news tip Wondy Bergers and Mugen Tenshin)


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