A Place For The Unwilling Is Like Majora’s Mask Meets Lovecraft And It Launches July 25th

A Place For The Unwilling

Years ago Spanish developers AlPixel Games Kickstarted the isometric adventure game A Place For The Unwilling. It’s a Victorian style interactive title set in a macabre world, and it’s finally set to release on Steam starting July 25th.

The story centers around Arthur, who receives a message from his friend who commits suicide. Arthur arrives in town to investigate the events that led up to the death of his friend. However, there’s a larger overarching story where the town that Arthur arrives in only has 21 days left before everything comes to an end.

Much like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, there’s a limited amount of time to solve the crisis facing the city. You’ll have to act fast and attempt to discover the ins and out before it’s too late.

The hook for the game is that the decisions you make will branch into new narratives for Arthur to follow. The game has multiple branching narratives with multiple endings.

Given that there’s a limited amount of time to complete the task, A Place For The Unwilling will encourage multiple playthroughs to discover the different types of outcomes, with over 100 different narrative events based on your decisions.

What’s fascinating about the game is that each character in the world is blotted out, and only after interacting with them will you discover who they are.

Artistically the game has its own style that really stands out among the current crop of indie, AA, and AAA titles out there.

The hand-drawn style and somber aesthetic tie into the game’s Lovecraftian vibe.

The developers describe A Place For The Unwilling as Majora’s Mask meets The Sunless Sea with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft.

It seems like it could be a fairly interesting game with a lot of replayability.

You can learn more about A Place For The Unwilling by checking out the Steam store page or look for the game to launch on July 25th.