Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Releases August 2019
Anodyne 2

Anodyne 2 is just wrapping up its production and will be all set for purchase in August of 2019. The game will cost just $19.99. It will be available for purchase on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux support),, GOG, Kartridge, and the Humble Store. The game’s soundtrack will also be available for purchase on the game’s release or upon request right now.

The original Anodyne released over six years ago. If you missed that game don’t worry as Anodyne 2 is not a direct sequel. Analgesic Productions, the developers of Anodyne 1 & 2, assure us there is no need to have played Anodyne to understand the story of Anodyne 2. However, if you played Anodyne you may find some connections between the two games.

The plot of Anodyne 2 puts you in the role of Nova the nano cleaner. Mysterious “dust” infects the islanders of New Theland and you must clean it up. You must shrink down and go inside the island’s inhabitants and rid them of every last particle of “dust”. You must do this before the “dust” distorts the emotions and desires of the island inhabitants beyond repair.

Speaking of game play, Anodyne 2 is a mix of PS1 era 3D platformers and SNES era 2D action adventure games. On the 3D side of game play you will explore valleys, cities, and wastelands. You will do so by walking, jumping, and transforming into a car to drive around. The developers have stated that the world of New Theland will open up fairly quickly to allow you to go where you want to go.

On the 2D side of things you will be solving puzzles, fighting off enemies, and collecting dust with your nano vacuum. The puzzles will all relate to the inner lives of the colorful characters you meet in New Theland. This makes the 2D sections that much more emotional. That being said, Anodyne 2 looks like an interesting game that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this August.


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