Assassin’s Creed Tweet Called Out For Promoting Pedophilia Acceptance
Assassin's Creed Pedophile Acceptance

[Update:] Twitter user Ponycron believes the tweet may refer to love between minors, while Mike Phalin believes the tweet may refer to “ages” as in “eras”. However, Dark Mousy clarified that Ubisoft is using a term referencing human ages, not eras.

[Original article:] Degeneracy knows no bounds in the realm of Social Justice. They will stoop to any level to destroy Western values and structured societal standards. That was made quite evident with the latest tweet from the Spanish version of the Assassin’s Creed Twitter account, which promoted pedophilia, but was thankfully called out by plenty of Spanish gamers who found the tweet abhorrent.

The tweet went live on June 28th, 2019. You can view it below, which features two lesbians kissing. The tweet translates to “love doesn’t understand genders, races, or ages… only feelings”.

Spanish gamers weren’t too keen on Ubisoft’s post, in which many people replied with both memes and complete and utter disgust.

TheQuartering was also quick to point out what the tweet meant, informing his audience that Ubisoft was accelerating the Regressive Left’s agenda by attempting to inculcate people with the idea of normalizing pedophilia.

We’ve seen this societal feature-creep happening over time. Many people warned about this very thing happening; that it would be normalized by the media and that eventually the act of degeneracy would become the nom de plume for “normalcy”. Even provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos warned the general public about it on the Joe Rogan podcast years ago.

We’re now seeing major AAA publishers like Ubisoft slip the pedophile-acceptance rhetoric into their tweets like passed out guests getting slipped two fingers and a pinky at a party where Brock Turner is the maître d’.

Don’t expect this to end with a tweet, though. More than likely Ubisoft will have their Spanish account delete the tweet if they get enough pushback, but given how few normal people use Twitter it’s unlikely that will happen. Instead, the fringe denizens of society who make up the majority of Twitter will likely swoop in to protect Ubisoft and boost the tweet while condemning anyone who stands against pedophilia.

One would hope that common sense and a moral barometer of decency would prevail, but one may as well dash those hopes given that we’re living in the Age of the Clown.

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