Astral Chronicles, Mobile JRPG With Some Sizzling Waifu Bait Available For Download
Astral Chronicles

Ubeejoy announced that the JRPG, Astral Chronicles, is currently available as a free download over on the Google Play store page. The free-to-play game features a smattering of characters set about saving the world using a range of magic, sorcerer, summoning, and melee prowess. The best part about it, though, is that Astral Chronicles continues the trend of Asian game development where it’s chock full of hot waifus.

The game features five different classes you can choose from and five different races. The highlight of the game is that any race can become any class, and you can change classes at any time. So you can select from a human, an elf, a dragon, a dwarf, or an ores, and then assign them to a ranger, a sorcerer, a guardian, a chanter, or a warrior.

Each class comes with its own special abilities and unique skillsets, and combat is executed via turn-based encounters, which you can see in action via the launch trailer below.

The actual in-game art is themed around Flash-based animations, with the basic chibi characters representing the player-characters during exploration and combat. However, during the story sequences and character interactions, you’ll gain access to the higher quality CG art, which highlights the intricate details of some of the characters.

You also get to see each of the characters in their full attire (or what little attire they maintain) during the summoning sequence.

To help spice up the user engagement they also have special seasonal events, such as the beach attire summons, where some of the girls are wearing some eye-catching swimwear.

Astral Chronicles - Beach Suit

I imagine there’s a gacha element to unlocking the sexier attire. Either way, the biggest complaints on the app store page is that the one server during the soft-launch was always full. However, uBeeJoy announced that starting July 22nd, they’ve opened up more servers to accommodate the global launch.

You can grab the free app from over on the Google Play page for Android devices.


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