Bethesda Manages To Break Fallout 76 Again And Resurrects Old Bugs

The amount of normies that keep Fallout 76 alive is a sad prospect and what makes the situation even worse is that Bethesda is laughing all the way to the bank while capitalizing on their ever returning player-base. The reality behind the above analogy is present in a thing called “Patch 11.”

Bethesda is no stranger when it comes to kicking-up controversy. The company doxed its player-base late last year, shipped out lackluster microtransactions that are still overpriced, created the whole Nuka Rum ordeal, broke the promise regarding cosmetic only MTX, and caused people to ban together to warn others to stay away from Fallout 76.

Despite all of the aforementioned nonsense, a group of people still defend Fallout 76 in that Bethesda shipped Patch 11 to torment the remaining players and nickel and dime them.

Patch 11 has resurrected old bugs and then some, whilst bringing in new bugs in the process. All in all, it’s a shame but one that people are willing to defend.

One particular Fallout 76 believer, Shepard Gaming, who is now doubting the idea of Bethesda bringing the mess that is Fallout 76 back to life has a compilation video up addressing everything wrong with Patch 11:

“I was ready to believe that Bethesda could maybe rescue Fallout 76 from the grave they had dug it in, but with patch 11 it seems like the development team is inadequate at listening to the hardcore fans from such a passionate community that wants nothing but the best for this game and the studio.”

Even though fans on r/FO76 point out the issues that are still present and will likely come again, people still have hope that the game in question will do a 180 and become a staple title — despite that being a pipe dream.

With all of this talk surfacing out of said sub-reddit like a volcano, YouTuber HeelvsBabyface goes all out when reviewing the “Patch 11” hubbub:

“Yesterday BETHESDA released Patch 11 for FALLOUT 76 and guess what? Yep, it’s broken more than it’s fixed. But don’t worry they are improving the ATOMIC SHOP so you can see MORE DIGITAL ITEMS to BUY with real money!!”

Lastly, don’t expect the situation regarding Fallout 76 to get any better in that the MMORPG will be coming to Steam later this year. In other words, more naïve people will give it a shot despite the negativity surrounding it where Bethesda will rake in more money through Fallout 76’s MTX system.


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