Black Cat Tops June Comic Book Sales With Obvious Sex Appeal
Black Cat no 1

Black Cat #1 was the top selling comic book in June, 2019, moving 255,709 units, moving more than 100,000 more units than its nearest competitor, which was DC Comics’ DCeased #2.

According to, sexy heist-thriller managed to top the charts with some ample part of that likely helped by the alluring covers and the oh-so-apparent sex appeal of Felicia Hardy being supplied for all to see.

The numbers from show that following the first two entries, Silver Surfer: Black and Batman Damned topped third and fourth place, while fifth place was occupied by Batman Who Laughs. The Amazing Spider-Man‘s 2018 run managed sixth place, while Immortal Hulk and Walking Dead took seventh and eighth place, and the Batman comics from 2016 rounded out ninth and tenth place.

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Comichron also shows the same figures for the top ten comic book sales of June, proving that a little sex appeal goes a long way.

However, don’t think that this means that Black Cat #1 is some sterling example of high-quality comic book writing and art from Western comic book makers. According to YouTuber YellowFlash, the comic book is all sorts of mediocre, despite having a zipper-destroying cover.

The pin-up style cover probably lured a lot of people into picking up a copy of the comic because one has to admit that it does look fantastic. Felicia looks like a drop-dead gorgeous uber-model with cleavage to die for.

Unfortunately the comic itself doesn’t really take advantage of the eye-luring artwork on the cover, but it could be testing the waters for things to come.

Then again, I doubt Marvel will follow-up on the comic’s success (although it’s still a far cry from when the books were shipping 455,000 a month) given that the current climate in the media industry is entirely sex-negative, and anti-feminine.

However, maybe knowing that the manga industry is killing Western comics and only increasing its revenue each year while book sales made by Westerners continue to decline, maybe this will spur Marvel to finally fire all the feminists ruining the industry and focus on targeting the core demographic again.

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