Black Desert Online Cash Shop Update Decensors Shai Pajamas… But You Have To Pay For It
Black Desert Online

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss recently updated Black Desert Online with a ton of new changes, modifications, improvements, bug fixes, and cash shop additions, including an all new decensored pajama set for the loli-tier class known as the Shai, but you have to pay for it.

Community manager Yukimura posted the info to the update over on the Black Desert Online forums. There’s a link to the Pearl Shop update, which outlines the new costumes, accessories, and items added to the cash shop for the action-oriented MMO. One of the new items includes a Shai-class set called the Summer Dreamland Pajamas that they wear underneath their armor. You’ll notice that the new pajama set removes the knee-length censorship that the developers originally added to the Western version of the game. With the new pajamas, they will override the ugly old long-john pajamas.

On the left is the censored version from the initial Western release of the Shai class, and on the right is the decensored pajama set that will replace the ugly old one if you equip it. Notice that it’s no longer a texture baked onto the mesh. Instead it’s an actual 3D mesh that allows the character’s arms and legs to be on display when you equip them with different armor, especially clothing attire that stops above the knee.

To further explain, since the old pajama set was a baked on texture to the model itself, it meant that whatever attire you added to the character where the shoulders or knees were exposed, the pajamas were always visible. It was a pretty awful design that garnered a lot of complaints from users like DosonTheGreat, who peppered the forums with encouragement from the community to get the hideous textured pajamas removed or replaced.

After incessant complaints from the community about the censorship, it looks like Kakao Games added the cash shop option to decensor the Shai with the premium pajama set that no longer covers them up in such an artistically egregious way. It’s not quite on par to the original Korean release of the Shai, but it’s a huge step up from the other pajama set that was given to the West.

Black Desert Online - Shai Underwear

It’s also kind of funny because over on the patch notes page the developers had this to say about the continued development of the Shai class, both in terms of talent and appearance, writing…

“Also, it was your opinions that mattered the most while we were designing Shai. Since it is the first time we are trying this, we will actively review your opinions and accept adequate suggestions as we proceed with the development.

“We will not develop Shai on a short-term basis, but on a long-term one, and keep adding related contents. […]”

Some commenters on OAG pointed out that this is both good and bad news. It’s good news because Kakao Games listened to the feedback and added a new pajama set that no longer makes it look like the Shai are all wearing thermal leggings under their armor. The bad news is that you have to pay for the underwear pajama set that decensors the bad texture job that they originally added to the Western version of the game.

In short, it looks like they’re going to make people pay for the decensored version of the Shai. If companies see that this method works, expect it to become more common where localized ports see certain elements censored and then players have to pay to uncensor that content.

While most hardcore gamers can hope that this doesn’t become a trend, common sense tells that it will.

(Thanks for the news tip DosonTheGreat)


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