Black Mask Will Reportedly Be Gay In Birds Of Prey Film
Birds of Prey Gay Black Mask

News reports are circulating that the main villain in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, played by Ewan McGregor, will be gay.

The report originally came from We Got This Covered, who wrote…

“Black Mask, the movie’s main antagonist, will reportedly be portrayed as homosexual. Though his sexuality is never explicitly stated, multiple sources have told We Got This Covered that the sexual tension between him and fellow villain Victor Zsasz will be palpable and the way he acts in general makes it pretty clear that he’s gay.”

The article was then picked up by other outlets such as Advocate and Attitude.

However, it was a near 13 minute video from YouTuber Beyond The Trailer that shed the most light on Black Mask’s gayness.

The video reportedly covers some spoiler territory and plot elements from the script involving Black Msk.

Supposedly the theme of his villainy will tie hand-in-hand with his gayness, because Cassandra Cain will swallow a diamond that belongs to the Black Mask and he spends the movie hunting her down to cut it out of her.

However, it turns out that the diamond isn’t what’s important, it’s what’s contained within the diamond that’s important. Apparently it contains nude photos of him, and he didn’t want that out there.

The whole thing sounds too hokey to be true.

Even Grace Randolph questions the authenticity of it all, even after talking with some of her insiders about the film.

It could be some trolls looking to pull some legs and get some laughs, or it could be that DC really is going with a brazen storyline that involves turning one of the more masculine villains of the DC comic book universe into a gay man.

Given the DCEU hasn’t had the best track records when it comes to the live-action films, and given that DC still chases after wokeness, it’s possible that the news about Black Mask being gay could be true.

With Margot Robbie having a hand in the production and Ewan McGregor supposedly cast to play the criminal villain, anything is possible really. The film isn’t due out until 2020, though, so it’s entirely within the realm of reality that the script Randolph discusses in the video could have undergone some major changes before the film’s release.

Then again… I wouldn’t put it past them to make Black Mask gay, which would be a huge departure from how he’s been portrayed in other recent incarnations of DC properties, namely the DC animated flicks and Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham titles.

Either way, the news is definitely unsettling and more indication that straight characters are being gay-washed in Hollywood if this news turns out to be true.

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