CaveiraGames Privacy Strikes YouTube Videos Allegedly Exposing Him Cheating In Yu-Gi-Oh! Speedrun
Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories

YouTuber GFC_ posted up a near four-minute video recently covering a situation involving YouTube striking his account and striking the account of EZScape for exposing a speedrunner going by the handle of CaveiraGames allegedly cheating in his speedrun of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories for the PlayStation One.

GFC_ published the video on July 23rd, 2019 covering the situation from start to the current state, where he’s still restricted from livestreaming due to the strike on his account, which was supposed to be removed back on July 19th after he filed a counter-claim, but YouTube hasn’t removed the strike.

The short gist of it was explained in a Reddit comment by TheCrimsonDoll, who laid out the basics, writing…

“[…] In short, the Brazilian speed runner is a cheater, modified the game and so on, the wr holder called him out, and made his followers go harass the wr holder, which lead to huge issues. Sadly, the wr got his twitch account suspended, therefore, no income from that source. Meanwhile the Brazilian guy even dances naked on stream. […]”

If you attempt to view EZScape’s video showing the proof of CaveiraGames cheating, you can’t access it due to a takedown on a “privacy claim”.

Attempting to watch it will net you the black screen of death.

It’s very similar to when YouTube hit the Project Veritas account with a similar privacy claim when they did the video expose pointing out how they’re attempting to rig the 2020 elections and manipulate search engine results to sway public thought using information control.

Despite EZScape’s video getting taken down by YouTube, others have been posting up videos about the story to keep it fresh in the news cycle. YouTuber Apollo Legend did a quick three minute video about CaveiraGames’ exploits, which you can view below.

In a separate Reddit post, GFC_ went into further details about some of the exploits that Caveira may have been using, as well as how Caveira allegedly sent his subs over to GFC_ to harass him to get him to stop talking about the story.

In the post, GFC_ actually breaks down several examples of how Caveira may have been cheating, writing…

“In the video (which he removed from YouTube), there are multiple incredibly obvious signs that he is cheating using Gameshark or a similar program (like Cheat Engine) on the emulator he’s using. One of the most obvious was when he wins the card Beast Fangs. When you win a card in FM, it shows the name of the card AND the ID of the card (some number out of 722). When he won Beast Fangs, the ID of the card did NOT match Beast Fangs. This is not a glitch that happens in FM, and has never once happened to anyone. The only possible way it can happen is cheating.”

CaveiraGames’ original speedrun through Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is actually still up and available on YouTube. It was originally posted back on June 29th, 2019, and can be viewed below.

Since the videos from EZScape and GFC_ have been hit with strikes, many viewers have begun downvoting CaveiraGames’ speedruns

Keep in mind that this wasn’t even the first time that CaveiraGames was called out for cheating.

Back on July 1st, 2019 he was called out by another speedrunner going by the handle SpectreXS, who made a Reddit post pointing out where and when Caveira was allegedly cheating.

The post didn’t get a whole lot of traction at the time but the newer posts attempting to bring awareness to the situation has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Whether or not this will help get the strikes removed from GFC_ and EZScape’s channels remain to be seen, but as pointed out in the original video at the top of the article, GFC_ doesn’t plan on taking this lying down, and will continue to make noise about it until YouTube does something about the situation.

(Thanks for the news tip GFC_ and Latin Heat)


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